Blog-o-ween Day #17: TAG- Prepster Life


Hey Prepsters!

My role model Sarah, otherwise known as Sarahbelle93x, just uploaded this tag on her YoutTube channel. I couldn’t resist… I just had to do it!  Enjoy!

TAG Prepster Life

  1. What’s your definition of preppy?

Like Sarah said- Classic. It’s about looking put-together and respectable. When I put on an outfit I instantly gain an unreal amount of confidence.

2. What’s your all time favorite brand?

This is hard- I think I will have to go with J.Crew. However, I  love Tory Burch!

3. Show us your favorite Lilly item. What is your favorite print?

Sadly I just started to get into Lilly. Therefore I don’t have much to show for my obsession. I will have to go with my Carded ID Wristlet. I take that sucker everywhere! My favorite Lilly prints are U Gotta Regatta and First Impressions.

4. Favorite preppy Youtuber?

It’s a tie between Sarahbelle93x and Themakeupbydanielle.

5. Jack Rogers or Sperrys.

I have to go with Sperry’s because they are more realistic in my life. I own two pairs while I only have one pair of Jack Roger dupes. I cannot properly sway my vote one way or the other.

6. Jeans or Khakis?

Jeans. Love love love ‘em.

7. Opinion on Oxfords?

They are classic and should be a staple in everyone’s wardwrobe. Seriously though.

8. Duck boots, Riding Boots, or Hunters?

AHHHH THIS IS SO HARD. It all depends on the weather/season. Hunters can be warn all year around when it rains. Duck boots and riding boots are mainly a fall/winter shoe (in my opinion). Also I feel that duck boots can make an outfit casual while riding boots can dress up an outfit. I have to go with a three way tie.

9. Navy or Black?

Black. I own way too much. It goes with everything so that is my justification.

10. Scale of 1-10 how much do you love J.Crew?

1000? I just wish it wasn’t so expensive. It makes my wallet cry.

11. Favorite Ralph Lauren clothing item?

Sweaters and Oxfords!

12. Pearls or bows?

Pearls. I wear them everyday! I like bows but something about them remind me of little kids WAY too much.

I tag Caroline and everyone else! If you do this tag PLEASE use my blog as a source for your questions! Please and thank you! 🙂

Stay Classy,


Blog-o-ween Day #1: I ♥ Fall TAG!


Happy October Prepsters!

Today is officially the first day of October and Blog-o-ween. For those of you who are new to ClassyGirlWithCurls- welcome! Blog-o-ween means that I will be putting up a new blog post everyday in October. I successfully completed Blogust (blog everyday in August) and I am so proud of the content I posted. Fall is my favorite season so I have tons of fun posts lined up for y’all! These include OOTW’s (Outfit of the Week’s – will be posted on Fridays), Yummy bakes, Fun TAGS, Adorable fashion, and elegant makeup looks! Without further ado let’s kick of Blog-o-ween with a TAG! Enjoy!

*** Happy 17th Birthday to my best friend, Julia! I love you girl and I hope your day was filled with happiness!***

I ♥ Fall TAG!

From Ingrid (Missglamorazzi)

I Heart Fall TAG

1. Favorite Fall Lip Product?

I am a sucker for a bold red lip. My favorite is Maybelline’s: On Fire Red. I also love plum colors. They are so flattering on everyone!

2. Favorite Fall Nail Polish?

I’ve been loving Essie (Berry Naughty, Bahama Mama, & Wicked) and OPI (Lincoln Park After Dark & Every Month is Oktoberfest).

3. Favorite Fall Starbucks Drink?

My favorite seasonal Starbucks drink is an Iced/Hot Pumpkin Spice Latte with Nonfat Milk and No Whip. Also I love Caramel Macchiatos! A new discovery is the Salted Caramel Mocha! SO GOOD.

4. Favorite Fall Candle?

Sadly I am not allowed to burn candles. However I do make frequent trips to Bath & Body Works and Yankee Candle. I have been loving Bath & Body Work’s: Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin, Leaves, Pumpkin Cupcake, Pumpkin Pecan Waffles, Cider Donut, and Cranberry Woods. From Yankee Candle I have been loving Salted Caramel, Vanilla Chai, Brown Sugar and Spice, and Vanilla Caramel. As you can probably tell I am obsessed with food-scented candles.

5. Favorite Fall Scarf or Accessory?

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Scarves and Statement Necklaces. They add that extra pizzazz to an outfit!

6. Haunted House, Haunted Hay Ride, or Haunted Corn Maze?

Personally I would be terrified of all these things. I would most likely go on a Haunted Hay Ride because I feel that it’s the least scary. I love non-haunted hay rides and corn mazes though!

7. Favorite Halloween Movie?

Most of my friends know that I LOVE Fall but I don’t really like Halloween. It was just one of those holidays that don’t mean that much to me. However, I really love all the classic Halloweentown movies that were on Disney Channel. I used to watch them all the time as a kid! So good!

8. Favorite candy to eat on Halloween?

I’m not really into sweets. I love dark chocolate, caramel, and peanut butter though! I don’t like sour candies that much so I used to give them all to my brother.

9. What are you dressing up as for Halloween?

I don’t go trick-or-treating. I haven’t since freshman year. I do like to dress up. I have a few ideas in mind, but that’s going to be a surprise!

10. What is your favorite thing about Fall?

I don’t know where to start. I love the atmosphere. The way the cool crisp air brushes against your cheeks. The leaves- how they slowly change into various, brilliant  tones of crimsons and oranges. Carefully sipping on hot drinks on chilly walks. The fact that it’s cool enough to wear riding boots and scarves, but warm enough to wear a t-shirt. The dark nail polishes and top knots. Doing my homework in front of my roaring fireplace with coffee in hand. Pumpkin flavored everything. Don’t forget the caramel. 🙂

Stay Classy,