Snow Day Essentials

Hey Prepsters!

Today is the first big snow of 2014. I personally love the snow. It looks so beautiful gently falling onto the frozen earth. Here are some essentials for a chilly snow day! Enjoy!


1. Comfy Clothes– Snuggle into your comfiest garments to get your day started. Choose between yoga pants or leggings, your favorite pair of fuzzy socks, and a warm fleece.
2. Bare Face- Whenever I don’t have to leave the house I take advantage of going makeup-free. It’s important to give your skin a break. Trust me; it will thank you! Today I’m going to put on a Tea-Tree face mask. Yay for fresh skin!
3. Cosy Spots- Grab your softest blanket and curl up someplace nice.
4. Candles and Fireplaces– Light a candle or two and sit by a fireplace. It’s a relaxing way to stay warm!
5. Comfort Food- Soups… Baked Goods… Whatever it may be!
6. Netflix and Movies– Turn on some Gossip Girl and hours will fly by!
7. Warm Drinks- Coffee and Green Tea is a must. I’ve drank 3 cups already and it’s only been snowing for a few hours!
8. Pamper Yourself– Paint your nails, hydrate your lips, and let the good times roll! 🙂

Stay Classy (And Warm),