Blog-o-ween Day #25: Liv’s Life #1


Hey Prepsters!

 I am beyond tired. Sleep deprivation is never fun. I didn’t want to leave y’all with nothing so I have something cool to share with you.
In my Leadership 3 class at school this one kid has a project called Ehko. He built this website. What is Ehko? He says “In short it is based on the idea that the world has many problems and together we have the solution”. Think Yahoo! Answers on a more selfless and intellectual scale. Being an internet addict I love this idea! He is in the process of making an app for it too! If you have spare time you should totally check it out.
On a side note: I am surprised I can even type right now. My fingers feel like they are going to fall off. I just got home from a football game and it was freezing. Metal bleachers and leggings don’t mix well; just sayin’. Sorry this post is so sucky. I am unbelievably busy right now but I don’t want to let you guys down and not post everyday like I promised. Tomorrow will be SO much better- promise! 🙂
Stay Classy,