Blog-o-ween Day #23: Thoughts on College- Applications


Hey Prepsters!


 Hello all. Today I thought I’d share with y’all my thoughts on college. I am a senior in high school and am currently going through the time-consuming process of applying to college. I am applying early decision at my dream school (due to safety concerns I won’t share the name); that means that my application is due November 1st. Everything is done except one CommonApp essay (which I really should knock out right now but I am procrastinating like always). For me this process has been strange. Sometimes I get majorly stressed out where I end up having a crying-fit and other times I couldn’t care less. I think this is how I deal with the stress. It’s become apparent to me how stressed I actually am because my stress-acne has erupted like a baby volcano.  I usually don’t break out that much anymore: only on my period and when I’m stressed (TMI but whatever). How do y’all deal with this college app stress? Side note- is anyone frustrated how you can only add 10 activities to the common app? Also there isn’t enough room to describe my roles in each. Sayyy whatttt!
Stay Classy,