30 Before 30

I’ve always made random “bucket list” type goals. I’ve seen some bloggers do this before and I thought it was a wonderful idea. Basically here is a list of 30 things I want to do before I turn 30 years old. Once I complete each of these goals I will write a blog post all about it. I have noticed that a large portion of my list consists of traveling. But hey, what else do you expect from a 20-something? I think this is a fun idea and I hope you do as well!

Graduate College with my Bachelors

Graduate College with my Masters

Go Sailing

Get Married

Have my own clothing line

Be featured in a magazine

Start a family

Buy my own car

Go to a Rave – Completed 8/6/16, Age 20

Be an extra in a movie or TV show

Buy my own house

Get a puppy 🙂

Write a book

Host a giant Thanksgiving dinner

Host a giant Christmas brunch

Go to New York Fashion Week

Go to the Key West

Travel to the Netherlands – Complete 12/11/17, Age 21

Learn how to run, the right way

Live at the beach all summer

Travel to South Africa 

Visit New York during Christmas

Travel to Italy

Travel to Greece

Travel to France – Complete 12/14/17, Age 21

Travel to Australia

Travel to Cape Cod

Travel to Nantucket

Vacation on a Tropical Island

Visit California

Stay Classy,



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