It’s Never Too Late to Start Anew

Hey There, Blog Friends!

My goodness, It’s been quite sometime. 6 months. How did that even happen? I really have no excuse for as to why I’ve been utterly wiped from this platform. It’s easy to blame my disappearance on having had no creative drive, in the blogging realm, whatsoever. However, my interests have fluttered elsewhere. I am in the process of opening a second Etsy shop (yes people, you heard that right). I will announce more details when the launch date inches closer. The last thing I am going to say regarding the new shop is that I am very excited to share it will you guys and I have been working hard on the new line. It’s VERY different than ClassyGirlWithCurls, but it’s something I’m excited to put out there for y’all to enjoy.

In other news, let me recap the last 6 months of my life for you guys real quick; just to catch y’all up to speed:

September 2016

I started off my Junior year of college at St.Mary’s College of Maryland. At the end of the month I attended VegFest, DC with my lovely boyfriend, Jacob. This was my second VegFest after going to Baltimore VegFest a few months prior. I wrote a whole blog post about it here. Overall, I had a good time. I ate lots of yummy food (like Sweet Dukes and other goodies). I appreciated that Jacob accompanied me even though he loves all things meat and dairy (still love him tho). On the same weekend, we also went to an Orioles game with some of his friends. The O’s won (of course).

October 2016

In the beginning of October Jacob and I went to the pumpkin patch (or as I like to say: the ‘punkin patch’). Anyone who knows me is aware that I love everything to do with the pumpkin patch. The hayrides, corn-mazes, apple cider, farm animals, pumpkins, corn stalks… the list goes on and on! We had a great time and he surprised me with pearl earrings while we were there. It’s definitely something I will remember for the rest of my life. In the middle of October my brother, Zach, had his senior night for his high school soccer team. It was a lovely family affair and I had a great time rooting for my brother. At the end of the month Jacob came to visit me at school and we went to go see one of my all time favorite bands: St. Lucia. I had a marvelous time 🙂

November 2016

In the beginning of the month Jacob and I went to go see Brand New and The Front Bottoms. I made my own T-Shirt dress for the show and I got tons of compliments on it. My creative talents seem to pay off. 🙂 Later in the month was Thanksgiving. Jacob accompanied my family to celebrate with my dad’s side of the family. It was a great time, like always. Later in the evening Zach, Jacob, and I did some Black Friday shopping.

December 2016

I started off December with Jacob’s last Army Ball. It was a lot of fun and we looked so good ;). I finished off my fall semester and managed to get on Deans List (for my first time ever in my collegiate career). I started working over my month long break from school at The Lucky Knot and 3 Sisters. Christmas rolled around and we hosted our family like every year. It was nice to spend the holiday with my loved ones. At the very end of the month one of my best friends, Maddie, and I went to grab coffee at a super cute cafe in Baltimore: Order&Chaos. It was delicious and we couldn’t resist taking some pictures for Instagram. You may remember Maddie from this post when we went to Union Market in DC.

January 2017

I rang in the New Years with one of my best friends, Sophie. We of course had to get sushi to fill our bellies after the fun night we had. I continued to work for the remainder of my break. On January 5th I turned 21! In the morning my best friends Sophie and Taylor went to grab brunch with me at one of my all-time favorite spots: Iron Rooster. In the evening I went to dinner with my family and Jacob.We got margaritas to celebrate! In the middle of the month I turned one year vegan! At the end of the month I headed back to school to start my spring semester of my junior year. The first weekend back Taylor came to visit and we all went out. It was great to spend time with my two favorite girlies.

February 2017

My grandma suddenly had a stroke and passed away. Even though it was an extremely sad event; it brought my family from all over together and it was nice to get to see everyone. In school am taking a film photography class and it is really helping me exercise my creativity. Jacob got out of the army (welcome to civilian life!) and I made him a custom congratulations bottle. He moved to Fairfax to start a new job I couldn’t help but explore the shops (hello new Lilly Dress). In the meantime I am just cranking out tons and tons of homework. This semester is a lot of works so far.

And that brings me to now…

That was A LOT of typing, I’m calling it quits for the day. Until next time lovelies!


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