Union Market | Washington, DC

Hello Beautiful People!

First off I’d like to note that I feel equal parts fancy as hell, bionic-women, and quite ridiculous. Over the past three months I’ve gotten into SNS manicures… they are a blessing and a curse. They last a month (yippie) but they make it incredibly challenging to do anything practical, like typing or grabbing small objects. Alas, I am fighting through this utterly absurd first-world problem to bring you the post for today. Anyways, this summer I am bringing a new segment to my blog: Out & About with Olivia (OAO). The title is pretty self explanatory but basically what I’ll be sharing with y’all is places I go and my take on the journey, food, etc.


This past week I went to Union Station with my friend Maddie! We set out for DC in the late afternoon with childhood jams (think Hannah Montana and Jesse McCartney) blaring on the car stereo and potential instagram photos in mind. When we arrived we started taking pictures right away! Surrounding the entire building there are really cool painted walls, great for photo opportunities.


This was my first time sporting the jumpsuit. Needless to say, I am obsessed!


Inside the market there is quite a wide variety of food options to choose from. I set my sights on a brand new store called Toli Moli. They sell a desert called falooda! According to their website falooda originated from Southeast Asia, the Indian Subcontinents and the Middle East. They say that falooda is a favorite dessert of many people of all ages. I was intrigued to give it a try, since they did have one vegan option: Mango Mogul. It is filled with mango-carrot jellies, basil seeds, rice noodle pudding, turmeric milk, mango sorbet, rose water syrup, and lightly salted pistachio bits. The texture like nothing I’ve ever had before and was super fruity and sweet! I’m so glad I gave it a try.


Toli Moli actually posted this photo of me on their Instagram! Go give it some love 🙂

BUT WAIT… There’s more! I have ANOTHER new segment that is also on a new social media platform I haven’t really tried to dabble with yet. Behind the Blog videos will be posted on my youtube channel and shown in most of my OAO posts. I wanted to try out a new medium and figured it wouldn’t hurt to pair with some of my posts! Here is the first Behind the Blog video of the summer from Union Market! Enjoy!


Thank you Maddie for coming along with me! Stay tuned to see where I go next. As always, leave me a comment suggesting places to go in the DC/Maryland/Virginia area or any blog posts you would like to see. Love you guys!

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