Baltimore VegFest | 2016

Hello Beautiful People!


On April 30th I attended my very first VegFest with my friend Paige! It was a great opportunity to network with people who have been vegan for years and to finally get some of my burning questions answered… like which kind of milk-alternative really is the best (cashew milk seems to be an overwhelming favorite among most seasoned Baltimore vegans).


I decided to wear a shirt, which I designed myself, with my all time favorite play on words “Beets Don’t Kale My Vibe”. If you live under a rock, there is a popular rapper named Kendrick Lamar who has a song called “Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe“. Last year Sweetgreen named a salad after him, “Beets Don’t Kale My Vibe”. Being the total nerd-ball I am, I am a huge sucker for puns, especially when it comes to plant-based food.


Paige and I arrived near the beginning of the festival and we both noted how the entire atmosphere was cheerful and inviting, despite the gloomy weather. First stop for us was grabbing some coffee! We stopped by the Brewing Good Coffee Company whose slogan is “Drink Coffee. Save Animals”.  I got an iced coffee with almond milk and I sweetened it with Stevia. Needless to say, it hit the damn spot.


Next we got in line for a highly-anticiapted booth: Sweet Dukes A Vegan Bakery. We waited in line for a good while but it was perfectly fine because loads of people brought their dogs to the festival. I was occupied for quite some time squealing over all the doggies and giving them some love. So many dogs, it was heaven. Since Paige and I were planning on devouring a great deal of delicious vegan food we decided to get one croughnuts (a croissant donut) to split. Good God. This little baby tasted like no other. Sweet Dukes, if you’re reading this, please cater my wedding… and the rest of my life. Please and thanks. Iced coffee and half a croughnut in hand, Paige and I beat on to the other booths.


After walking around for awhile, we got some yummy vegan mac and cheese to split and sat on a grassy hill. We finished up the mac and cheese and then we people-watched for awhile while we digested. We decided that the vegan pizza line was far too long for our liking so I suggested that we go to my all-time favorite vegan restaurant: Great Sage. Before we headed back to the car, I spotted something I’ve been looking for all day: Mom Pop’s. I’ve heard only wonderful things about these popsicles and I can now back that statement. You can find some of their popsicles at your local Whole Foods or Mom’s Organic Market. Try them out and let me know what you think!


I’d like to thank my non-vegan friend Paige for being vegan for a day and tagging along with me. Do you know of any other vegan festivals or events in the DC/Maryland/Virginia area? I’ll be attending VegFest DC in September, let me know in the comments if I will see you there. Also, what kind of vegan-related posts would you like to see? Thanks for reading and the endless amount of support you all give me. Love you guys! ❤


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