OCR Takes Washington DC: Astro Doughnuts

Hello Beautiful People!

Exactly a week ago I took a quick day-trip to Washington DC. The plan was to grab lunch at my all time favorite doughnut shop and then go look at some pretty stunning art.

The first stop was at the motherland… aka Astro Doughnuts. The only times I’ve ever had the opportunity to enjoy these bad boys were during the past Sweetlife Music Festivals. I’ve gone the past two years and it’s so much fun! I always make it appoint to grab lunch at the Astro Doughnuts food truck. Here is a super awkward video of me vlogging the moment:

To be completely honest my expectations were high… I’m talking really high. I was not disappointed. Dare I say they exceeded my expectations?


I ordered the Chicken BLT Sandwich (unpictured) and a basic Vanilla Doughnut. GUYS the sandwich had a donut as bread… ahskfljsdlfjslfd. I can not stress how fresh and flavorful this was. I’m honestly sitting here thinking about it and my mouth is watering. It’s easily one of the top three best things I’ve ever eaten. Seriously.

Disclaimer: This post was NOT sponsored (but lord knows I wish it was). Want to see all the places that I’ve visited? Check them out here.


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