Semester Reflection (Fall 2015)

Hello Beautiful People!

Happy Thursday! Today is my first day back at work and I couldn’t be more excited. This evening I’ll be sharing with you my fall semester reflection of sophomore year.  Last year I reflected on my first semester of college and I talked about 10 things I learned about my freshman year of college. Back in August I posted my goals of the semester. You can read all about them here. Let’s see if I accomplished them:

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So good news and bad news. I got all the grades I wanted (ALL A’s!!!) but I dropped my economics class. I’m going to try the class again next semester with a different professor. I’m very proud of myself for actually getting in the 3.0 club. My progress made me so much more determined to work even harder next semester! Pictured above is me being super studious.



I think I did a fairly good job keeping the procrastination to the minimum. Yes, I did have my fair-share of Netflix binges but everyone needs a mental break every once in awhile. One day I took a walk around campus and changed the rocks for the first time (if you go to St. Mary’s, you will understand this). Looks like I left my mark on campus. 🙂



This semester was super busy! I guess I technically did get to travel around when I was field hockey manager (#GoHawks). On the last day of the semester Megan, Nicole, and I went down to The Point and watched the sunset. It was so beyond gorgeous. I want to do more things like that next semester. Also, I guess you could say cutting off ten inches of my hair is considered  adventurous?


Totally unrelated to the topic of “money” but one of my biggest highlights of this past semester was attending College Fashion Week. You can read all about it here.


Guys… I gave myself a budget of only spending $100 a month. AND I STUCK TO IT! It was honestly one of the hardest thing’s I’ve ever done because I am a shopaholic. I have noticed that I have become more conscious of my spending patterns, which is good. I plan on doing this again next semester! (And I encourage all of you to give it a try too!)

Did you achieve your goals of the semester? Let me know in the comments about how your semester went!


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5 thoughts on “Semester Reflection (Fall 2015)

  1. Your hair looks soo good like that! cutting off 10 inches is definitely adventurous in my book!
    Congrats on meeting your goals 🙂 I just finished fall quarter of my sophomore year of university as well, but i am still anxiously waiting for my grades to come in.
    We all need our daily dose of netflix, no shame there. I totally get you!
    I try not to spend too much money by paying mostly in cash. It’s a pain having to carry cash around like some caveman who hasn’t heard of a credit card or something, but it definitely helps you feel the hit of the money you are spending.
    Great post! I enjoyed reading this.

    ~Andrea Tiffany~

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