Holiday Gift Guide for Men

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Happy Tuesday! I have my Exceptionality final this afternoon and tonight I have my math final (Don’t worry mom, these are pre-scheduled so I am indeed studying and not blogging). I’m so excited for winter break to start so I can recharge, spend time with my family, and my hometown friends.  My holiday giveaway ends TONIGHT at midnight! If you haven’t entered my yet you can read all about it here(Psssttt! I’m giving away an iPad Mini, amongst other things!!)

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1. Peter Millar Cologne
When I worked at The Lucky Knot this summer we carried this Peter Millar cologne and I was beyond obsessed. I think it smells just strong enough and reminds me of a man in a suit. It would be perfect for your boyfriend, dad, or older brother.

2.MVMT Watches
I’m a big fan of MVMT watches because they come in so many different styles which tailors to all styles. Also, they are well made and affordable! What could be better?

3. Slippers
My family loves hanging around in comfy lounge wear while we unwrap presents Christmas morning. These slippers would be perfect to keep your toes warm throughout the winter season.

4. Pajama Pants
I feel like a bunch of families get new Christmas pajamas every year. The one pictured and linked above is from Vineyard Vines and I think they are so so cute! They come in a bunch of different prints so if you didn’t like the ones I featured there are some different ones to choose from!

5. Xbox Live Subscription
I’m just generalizing here but most guys like to play video games. A great gift would be an Xbox Live subscription! I know we get my brother this every year and he’s always so excited when he opens it up!

6. Tickets to a Sporting Event
Depending on where you live and what kind of sporting event your man likes… you could purchase him tickets to go to a game! Around where I live;  people are always going to hockey, basketball, and football games. It would make for a great date-night in the future!

7. Beanie
During the harsh wintery months it’s important to bundle up. I found the beanie linked and pictured above and I think most guys would like it! They all come in a bunch of different colors and patterns to appeal to all different kinds of men.

8. Nike
You can’t go wrong with sneakers! The Nike’s I pictured and linked above are sooooo adorable (I don’t think that terminology is appropriate to describe men’s footwear but #YOLO). They are festive and perfect for the holiday season.

9. Sperry’s
Similar to sneakers, you also can’t go wrong with boat shoes. I understand that not all men wear Sperry’s but they are a staple clothing item where I am from. It’s great to prepare your man for the season ahead.

10. Wallet
A new wallet is always a good choice. All the men I know usually don’t go buy themselves a new wallet all of the time so it’s nice to receive one as a gift!

Thanks for reading! What other gifts would you get for the men in your life? Let me know in the comments. Also, be sure to enter my holiday giveaway.

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