Holiday Gift Guide for Mom

Hello Beautiful People!

Happy Sunday! I hope your day is filled with yummy brunch and hours of football. Until my holiday giveaway ends in two days, I’ll be sharing various holiday gift guides for y’all! If you haven’t entered my giveaway you can read all about it here(Psssttt! I’m giving away an iPad Mini, amongst other things!!)

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1.  Anthropologie Measuring Cups
I’m personally a huge fan of Anthropologie (and I know my mom is too)! Every time I shop at my local Anthro I head straight to the kitchen section and gawk over the adorable bowls and utensils. I’ve been eyeing the Whale-Tail measuring cups for some time now and it would be a perfect gift for a beach house or a woman who just adores the seaside.

2. J Crew Mint Coat
Back when I was Black Friday shopping with mom we popped on over to J Crew. As I entered the store I instantly fell hard and fast for the beautiful coat I pictured above. Everyone could use a quality, yet gorgeous coat for the winter season!

3. Madewell Transport Tote
Let’s face it; moms have sooo much stuff to carry around. This tote bag is not only spacious but it’s also super classic, yet durable. It would be the perfect, yet practical gift for your favorite lady!

4. Tieks
I first heard about these shoes on Pinterest. They look so comfy and come in a billion colors (not really, but you get the point). I think this would be perfect for moms on the go because they fold up and you can easily throw them in your bag. These make a great stocking stuffer!

5. Homegoods Gift Card
If you don’t know what Homegoods is, crawl out from that rock you’ve been hiding under. It’s the one-stop shop for all things house and home! I always have fantastic finds; like Kate Spade tableware! Homegoods is love. Homegoods is life.

6. Tory Burch Perfume
Personally, I am obsessed with this scent. I do feel that it is a little too mature for a soon-to-be twenty year old… hence why this would be perfect for your mom! When I am older I will totally be rocking this scent.

7. Kate Spade Stud Earrings
My mom and I both have numerous pairs of these. They make for a perfect stocking stuffer! I have both the “diamond” ones as well as a sparkly gold pair. My mom has the multi-colored glitter pair. You can’t go wrong with these beauties!

8. Leather Phone Case
Similar to the earrings, a phone case is also a perfect stocking stuffer. I went ahead and selected a leather one because it has a more wintery feel. I love this Tory Burch case. I think it makes for a great staple piece.

9. Gloves
The winter season is so busy! As a mom you will be spending lots of time in the car going back and forth from various events. Keep your nimble fingers warm with this chic Kate Spade ‘Bon Bon Bow‘ gloves!

10. Front Door Monogram
This is the perfect novelty to add some personality to your front door! I know my mom has one that she simply adores! I think they are fun and a great accent. I found the one pictured above on Etsy here.

Thanks for reading! What other gifts would you get for your mom? Let me know in the comments. Also, be sure to enter my holiday giveaway.

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5 thoughts on “Holiday Gift Guide for Mom

  1. I really like the measuring cups! They look so adorable! The standard plastic or ceramic ones are so boring in comparison.They would definitely be a perfect gift idea.
    I actually recently found a very similar pair of gloves but in red. I was shopping for a Christmas present for my friend, and I found them online. They are so pretty. I was actually thinking of getting a pair for myself as well haha

    ~Andrea Tiffany~

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