Holiday Gift Guide: Bloggers

Hello Beautiful People!

Happy Saturday! Until my holiday giveaway ends in three days, I’ll be sharing various holiday gift guides for y’all! If you haven’t entered my giveaway you can read all about it here(Psssttt! I’m giving away an iPad Mini, amongst other things!!)

Blogger Gift Guide

1.  Marble Computer Case
I’m sure everyone and their mother is hip to the whole marble trend. I actually have this exact case so I can personally vouch for how great it is! It’s not only super protective but it gives you that chic look 24/7. I totally recommend!

2. Kendra Scott
I’ve mentioned it numerous times on here before how I am beyond obsessed with all things Kendra. I’ve been eyeing the bracelet and earrings I included in the picture above. They would make the perfect stocking suffer for your fabulous friend. Druzy is all the rage.

3. Gold Swell Water Bottle
I’ve been eyeing this beauty since the summer time. It’s an unwritten rule that all bloggers must have something gold with them at all times (It’s not… but it honestly should be). It’s important to say hydrated while slaving away at blog posts or answering emails. These bottles in particular are nice because they stay cold, ice and all, for 24 hours and steamy hot for 12 hours. That’s insane!!

4. Diptyque Candles
Even though these beauties cost a small fortune they are the perfect accent to any Instagram post. Burn them when you are curling up reading other blogs or while you’re brainstorming new post ideas. I’ve personally never tried them but I’ve heard nothing but excellent things!

5. Chic Pillows
Nothing makes a room more blog-worthy than fun, chic pillows. I’ve had my eye on these two pillows: the palm tree pillow and small dot lumbar pillow. These are so adorable and perfect to throw on your bed or any other  seating you may have. Get the camera ready because this is so going on the ‘gram!

6. GiGi New York Clutch
I’ve been a low-key fan of GiGi New York for awhile now and I figured there is no better time to surface my mild obsession. I’ve been in awe over this fabulous snakeskin clutch for months! It’s great to stick into a bigger purse for organizational purposes. It’s super photogenic so it would be perfect for photoshoots.

7. Pajama Set
Similar to the marble and gold trend; pajama sets have been all the rage recently. They are the perfect thing to wear when taking ‘Sunday Relaxation’ pictures. Not only are they cute, I always feel like my life is significantly more together when I wear a pajama set. Anyone else like this?

8. Evelyen Henson Notebook
SWOON. Evelyn Henson has also been one of my guilty pleasures recently. I’ve been gawking over the  Brunch Notebook and the Elephant Notebook. I love to carry one around with me to write down blog ideas or make monthly favorites lists. What’s better than something that’s practical and stylish? (The answer is absolutely nothing).

9. Quote Mug
When I am cranking out posts or am in major planning mode I like need to have coffee with me! It keeps me alert and swift with my typing. I’ve found this super cute mug here. You can search for specific ones you want on Etsy, since they have like a billion to choose from. Everyone loves a good mug!

10. Canon G7X
I’ve heard so many wonderful things about this camera. It’s compact yet high-quality so you can easily capture your day without having to drag your heavy-duty DSLR camera around. This is even better for bloggers who are transitioning over to the vlogging world.

Thanks for reading! What other gifts would you get for a blogger? Let me know in the comments. Also, be sure to enter my holiday giveaway.

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