Holiday Gift Guide: College Student

Hello Beautiful People!

Until my holiday giveaway ends in four days, I’ll be sharing various holiday gift guides for y’all! If you haven’t entered my giveaway you can read all about it here. (Psssttt! I’m giving away an iPad Mini, amongst other things!!)

Today I’ll be sharing perfect gifts for your average college student. I’d like to note, completely unrelated, that I am currently listening to a spotify playlist entitled “OCR’s Glory Days“. I am jamming out to the max. It basically consists of music that were my middle school jams #memories. I linked the playlist so take a listen for yourself!

College Student Gift Guide

1. Kale Sweatshirtbeyonce-7-11-outfits
You may have seen this iconic sweatshirt on Beyonce in her 7/11 music video. Oversized sweatshirts like this are perfect for going to class or just chilling in your dorm room watching Netflix. If this trendy sweatshirt is good enough for Queen B, it’s good enough for you!

2. Lululemon Headband
These sporty headbands are a college student’s dream! Perfect for studying or heading to the gym. I personally prefer Lululemon headbands because they have just the right amount of grip and they are the perfect width. Not to mention they come in so many colors and prints! I’m on the hunt for a pink one.

3. Tumblers & Water Bottles
I can not reiterate this enough: college students always need water bottles. We are constantly filling them up so we stay hydrated in class, at the library, or even at the gym. I am personally a huge fan of tumblers, specifically the Lilly Pulitzer ones. I’ve also recently discovered this Kate Spade water bottle that I instantly became obsessed with. Both would make excellent gifts.

4. Gift Cards
I know so many people that are against giving gift cards but hear me out! You can’t go wrong with a Starbucks gift card because hellooo, coffee. Another gift that not many people may orignially consider is getting your college student a gas card. This is super helpful for late night runs to McDonalds or afternoon trips to Target. As a broke college kid, a little extra money for something as essential as gasoline is super helpful.

5. FRENDS Headphones
I’ve personally been eyeing these beauties for quite some time now. They are not only chic but they are great quality headphones.The ones in the picture above have that little extra bit of glam for your girly girls! You can purchase them here. If you personally aren’t feeling the gems you could go for a more classic pair like these.

6. Wall Prints
Every 20-something girl can back me up when I say that fun wall prints make the world go around. I have an entire board on Pinterest dedicate to them.You can find a bunch on Etsy as well as Society 6. It really depends on the preference of the person.

7. Tapestry
It’s been a huge trend recently to hang a tapestry in your dorm room. My roommate has one that she loves and it’s from Urban Outfitters. I’ve also seen a bunch on Society 6 that are to die for! Similar to the wall prints it really depends on the personal preference of the person you are shopping for. I think they are very versatile for all styles.

8. Q&A a Day 5 Year Journal
I bought myself this book my junior year of high school. I get so many comments from people who come in my room telling me what a great idea this is. I think its so cool to see how much you change over the years. I think college is the perfect time to write in this book because you change so much over this period in your life.

9. Agendas
Everyone and their mother knows that I simply adore the Lilly Pulitzer agendas. I use mine religiously. I picked out two to feature in the picture above. One is mine that I personally use and another one I think is so cute! These will make the perfect gift for your college student to get organized for the new year!

10. Vineyard Vines Hat
Last but not least is a Vineyard Vines hat. This gift is perfect when you want to be cute yet casual in class or walking around campus. It’s perfect to mask that second-day hair.

Thanks for reading! What other gifts would you get for a college student? Let me know in the comments. Also, be sure to enter my holiday giveaway.


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6 thoughts on “Holiday Gift Guide: College Student

  1. Love this! I agree 100% with the gift card idea (you can NEVER go wrong with a Starbucks gift card), and the wall prints are fun and unique as well. 🙂

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