Holiday Lookbook: Sophie

Hello Beautiful People!

Happy hump day! Today is finally the wrap-up of my Holiday Lookbook. Last, but certainly not least, is Sophie! She has a notable, daring sense of style and she’s not afraid to go outside of the box. This girl can literally rock anything. Take a look at this style icon for yourself:


Sophie is rocking a super comfy look that is perfect for curling up and watching movies, which happens to be one of her favorite things to do. You can easily throw on a pair of tall boots and be ready for the day! Here is what she is wearing:

Sweater: Cotten Forever
Boot Socks: Steve Madden
Boots: Marshalls
Hat: Free Authority
Leggings: Marshalls

I am a huge fan of this look! It’s put together but not too fancy which is perfect for a casual Christmas brunch or dinner. Here is what she is wearing:

Leggings: Marshalls
Boots: Marshalls
Top: Marshalls

You can follow Sophie on Instagram and Twitter.

This concludes my Holiday Lookbook of 2015! Thanks so much for sticking around. Tomorrow I have a VERY EXCITING announcement! Check back tomorrow to “win-big” *hint-hint* 😉


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