College Dorm Room Tour

Hello Beauties!

Dorm Room Tour

 This morning while I was walking to class I was, dare I say, chilly?! Fall is officially starting to arrive and I couldn’t be more thrilled. I feel like it makes me so ‘basic’ but I really do love the changing of the leaves, fall fashion, and of course pumpkin spice flavored everything. On a more revenant note, today I’ll be sharing my highly anticipated Dorm Room tour! I am living with my good friend Nicole (she’s such a gem, y’all are going to simply adore her). I will have a video linked but I will have the more detailed description/where I bought everything will be listed here. Enjoy!

*Sorry for the poor editing/overall quality of the video, I am by no means a YouTuber, lol*


My closet is built-in to the room. which I personally love. I got a shower curtain from Marshall’s and put it on a tension rod to serve as my “doors”. The big sparkly “Pop Fizz Clink” is also from Marshall’s. Like I said in the video, I am so obsessed with it. It is bright and happy and cheers up the room. The big tan rug is from Sam’s Club and the smaller white and blue one is from Marshall’s as well. The white storage tower is from Target and it is the perfect amount of extra space I needed. It holds my pet fish, Lilly (as in Pulitzer), my Keurig, and all my cups and plates.


Most of the things in my room are DIY. The step stool is one of my favorite DIY’s yet. The blue and yellow monogrammed blanket was a gift from my best friend, Stephanie. I seriously take that thing everywhere with me, its so great. My bedding is actually from the kids section at Target. The pink body pillow is from Walmart, the yellow and large white monogrammed pillows are both from TJMaxx.  The Lilly Pulitzer name pillow is from Etsy. I purchased my large white wooden monogram on Etsy as well, unfortunately the shop is no longer open. It was 24 inches if that helps anyone. I actualy made the three Lilly Pulitzer canvases, they were super easy and make the room look happy! For storage underneath my bed I have drawers from Walmart along with teal storage tubs. I have bins for shoes and etc. from TJMaxx. The white poofs are from Target.

Leave me a comment saying what kind of posts you would like to see next 🙂

**Also, My friend Paulina featured me on her blog today! Go check that out here 🙂 **

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