Back to School, Back to Reality

Hello Beautiful People!

Back to School Back to Reality

I have officially started off my sophomore year of college, which is such an odd thing to say out loud. Classes have started today and I’m getting back into a routine. As far as blogging regularity goes: I can not promise anything. I have a plethora of goals this semester that I am extremely determined to accomplish, so blogging will unfortunately be on the back-burner. I am going to be posting lots of college-related content, since it consumes my life currently. If you have any requests of posts you would like to see just let me know in the comments, or send me an email:

I find that I am more accountable for my goals when I publicly announce them. Here are the ones that I want to accomplish this semester of college:

Improve my Grades


Last year I had a rough transition into college, I was distracted and didn’t put all my effort into my coursework. It is extremely unlike me to let my grades fall apart. I want to get an A in my math class, an A in my education class, a B/A in my art class, and at least a C in my economics class. I need to start cracking down because I plan on applying to be in the MAT (Master of Arts in Teaching) program. Guys, let’s get OCR in that 3.0 Club¹.

Stop Procrastinating


I’m not a huge procrastinator, I consider myself a very organized and time-regimented individual. But I think every college student can fall off the wagon when it comes to procrastination. I really want to be proactive this semester and keep my days as organized as possible. I am going to try to knock-out my assignments as they come and hope for the best.



As I’ve discused numerous times, I have really started to enjoy going on adventures and exploring new places. This semester, whenever I have some down-time, I really want to take advantage of my stunning campus. In addition I want to go see other places, not around me. For instance, I want to go see the other colleges that my friends attend… but we will see if I actually have time to do so!

Budget My Money


That #CollegeBudget has become very much a reality. Last year I spent WAY too much money… and I don’t even know where it all went. I have set myself a budget of only spending $100 a month. This $100 I plan on using for when my friends and I go out to eat and for “social necessaries” on a college campus. Some of these social necessaries, for me, include “beverages” and costumes for theme parties. My mom hinted that if I can stick to my budget I will be rewarded in monetary means.

Here’s to a good school year!

3.0 Club¹: If you go to St. Mary’s, you know this is very much a real thing. And I want in, people!

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