Why I Love My Curly Hair

Hello Beautiful People!

Today’s post is a collaboration with one of my favorite bloggers, Paulina! She runs the blog “Navy Striped Peonies“. We both instantly bonded over our #CurlyHairProbs. Here are my reasons as to why I love my curly hair. You can check out what Paulina said over here. Enjoy!

Why I Love My Curly Hair

The biggest thing that I’ve noticed about having curly hair is that people instantly think you are more fun and easy-going. It’s an odd psychological thing, trust me on this one. Similarly, when I straighten my hair people often mistake me for a completely different person. I often joke with my friends that when my hair is straight my alter-ego comes out. I’m basically like Hannah Montana. If that’s not the coolest thing then I don’t know what is.

Also when I straighten my hair, or bribe my friends to tackle it for me, its the biggest deal in the world. To start, it takes me an hour and a half… people better recognize the blood sweat and tears put into this! It’s also noticeably longer when it’s straight. In addition to straightening my hair, styling my hair is super easy. It can hold a curl, made by hot-rollers or a curling wand, extremely well.

People often find it odd that I only brush my hair after I get out of the shower. It’s not because I am #SoGranola or unhygienic, it’s because I physically can not put a brush through my hair without it turning into a poof-ball. Jokes on you guys, I don’t have to carry a brush around with me! Also, maintenance is so easy! I just take it out of a bun in the morning and it’s ready to go for the day.


It’s not good to wash your hair everyday so the days that I rock the second-day hair I usually sport a huge bun. Being able to create buns that practically defy gravity is another huge perk of having curly hair (Psssttt! All my straight-hair friends get super jealous of my totally sick buns).


Some quirky things that are fun about having curly hair is that you always have a pillow with you! It’s easy to prop your head up with all that hair! Also, you can hide a bunch of things in your hair. Fun Fact: We actually hid 17 pens in my hair (pictured above). You can’t even tell, can you?

Olivia Dancing GIF

My favorite thing about having curly hair is that I automatically have a topic of conversation. I don’t have to make up some lame comment about the weather or foreign affairs. It’s a conversation piece that is always with me and comes in handy!

One thing I’d like you to take away from this is to celebrate your differences and rock what you got! In the wise words of almightily 2Chainz:


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13 thoughts on “Why I Love My Curly Hair

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  2. This post gave me confidence!! I have hair like yours and sometimes I feel it is to much to handle so it goes in a hair tie or bun. Do you put any product in your hair? Without product my hair is a frizzy mess!!

    • Bethany, I’m so glad my post could give you confidence! I totally feel the same way sometimes. Lately I’ve been using Not Your Mothers leave-in cream (I can’t remember the name of the line but it’s purple and for curly hair). I also did a post a year ago on how to “Tame the Beast”, if you type that in my search bar it should take you to where I talk about my management process! 💕

    • Great question! Essentially I take a shower and brush it out, put the product in and put it up in a bun straight away. I go to sleep and then when I wake up my hair is all ready! The bun is on the top of my head. My hair holds water for a LONG time so when I take it down in the morning it’s still wet. I hope that makes sense! If you would like a more in-depth hair routine just let me know and I’ll work on it as an upcoming post. 😊👌🏼


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