10 Things You Learn from Attending a Big College

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Today this post is written by one of my good friends, Allison! You might remember her from Between Two Belles where she gave us the 411 on the sorority life! Allison was kind enough to give us her perspective of what you will learn from attending a big college. Last note from me- all the posts for the next month will be related to college! If you have any requests just let me know. 🙂 Enjoy!

-xoxo, Olivia

10 Things You Learn from attending a small college

I attend University of South Carolina in the lovely, diverse, and always entertaining city of Columbia. I’ll be a sophomore this fall and I’m proud to be involved in Greek life. COLLEGE. IS. AMAZING. It’s terrifying that your time to avoid adult responsibility and have fun doing whatever your heart desires is limited- ENJOY IT. After reflecting on my past year, here’s your short but sweet big university survival guide:IMG_3810


I can not stress this enough! In a huge school, it’s easy to feel lost and alone. There’s so many people that you might be nervous about finding a good group of friends. The best way to find your people is by getting involved on campus. Whether it’s through Greek life, intramural sports, or joining a club, its important to find a way to get out and meet new people. Plus, involvement doesn’t look too bad on a resume.


2. Keep Your Priorities Straight

Academics should always come before anything else. It’s the reason you’re there. Yes I’m all for having a good time, but academics is what’s gonna get me a job at some high fashion company in NYC post graduation. There’s this crazy thing called studying- it’s so weird, if you actually prepare and know the material, the exam is easy. Who knew! You may get major FOMO (yes, missing the mixer with the super cute fraternity sucked) but there will always be other nights to go out and have fun.


3. Don’t Party Like Gatsby

The party lifestyle can be overwhelming and the bars may be calling your name (half off wine night can be tempting). Don’t over do it, you don’t have to go out every night and you probably won’t have the energy for it anyway. Limit yourself to a few good days a week or you’ll spend all your money on drinks (plus, alcohol isn’t too nice on the calories). Spending the night watching Frozen with your friends in the dorm is perfectly acceptable.

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4. Find Yourself

Cheesey but true. Take this as an opportunity to try new things (within reason…) find your passion. Surround yourself with people and things that make you happy. You will be amazed how much you grow as a person and learn who you truly are.


5. Change is Good

You change more in one year of college than 4 years of high school. You have the chance to start with a fresh, clean slate. Everything about college is different than life as you knew it at home. Change is everywhere, embrace it. Learn to become independent. Meet new friends, understand your style, discover your personality.


6. Say Yes (if it’s legal… or not. Whatever floats your boat.)

Some of the best memories I have are from saying yes to spontaneous opportunities or adventures. This is your time to be young and have fun, so be adventurous and enjoy it.


7. I’m Broke Because #College

Be financially responsible. Learn to budget your money and prioritize your spending. Having “fun money” is important, because after all it is college. You can have a good time with out breaking the bank (this is the only time in your life where it’s socially acceptable to drink cheap alcohol, learn to love it).


8. You Can Never Have Too Many Friends

Talk to new people! You never know how compatible you are with someone until you talk to them. Who knows, you could be talking to your future best friend or fiancé.   It’s always nice having friends in class, or going downtown and always seeing someone you know. On my first day of class I turned to a girl wearing the same sorority recruitment shirt as me and said “you’re from Laguna Beach? Why are you here”, and now she’s one of my best friends.


9. Drink Responsibly

It’s college- you’ll probably enjoy a few drinks (or a few too many) while socializing. If drinking isn’t your thing, that’s cool too. But if you do drink, make sure you pace yourself and know your limit. No one likes the sloppy annoying drunk girl, and everyone hates waking up with regrets the next morning. Also, chug a water and advil before you pass out in full face make up and your outfit from going out- you’ll thank yourself in the morning.


10. Your Mistakes Do Not Define You

Don’t sweat the small stuff, shit happens. Whether it was poor judgement or a bad test grade, it’s not the end of the world. Learn from your mistakes and they will make you a better person.

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