Beautiful Bags

Hello Beautiful People

Lately I’ve been far too obsessed with handbags. This post is essentially an ode to all the beautiful bags in the world that I wish I could have for my own. You can see more purses, similar to the ones I picked, on my Pinterest Board “Beautiful Bags“. Kick back, grab a snack, and gaze upon these beauties I carefully selected to share with you all today. Enjoy!

Beautiful Bags

1. Everyday Handbag

Every girl deserves a solid everyday bag. I’ve currently been lusting over the structured look. My dream purse is definitely a Celine bag. I think they are so chic and look absolutely stunning. I’ve also been a huge fan of the Tory Burch Robinson Double Zip Tote. These bags have just enough room for everything you could possibly need on the average day.

2. Travel Bag

These bags are a little larger and are perfect for any day trip or weekend getaway. The Tory Burch Thea Shoulder Bag has been at the top of my list for awhile. Having no zipper allows you to pack it to the brim. Also, a go-to bag is the Madewell Transport Tote. I’m sure you’ve heard so many good things about theses beauties. You should always look stylish, even on the go!

3. Night-Out Purse

When hitting the town with your squad on the weekend it’s vital to have a bag that will hold the essentials. I think the evening is a fun time to add a little extra color in your ensemble. I also think the simple addition of a tassel or chain can add a girly flair. The evening is the perfect time to let your fun side shine through!

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