Let’s Talk About Change

Hello Beautiful People!

It’s been far too long! I have a bunch of posts planned for ya’ll (like the highly anticipated Lilly Warehouse Sale Haul). Today I am going to talk about something out of the ordinary, for me. I won’t be telling you which color rompers will make your summer tan pop, or about what kind of drinks to order at Starbucks. I’m going a totally different route today; I’m talking about change.

Let's Talk About Change

This post is inspired by, my best friend, Stephanie. Recently she has decided to make some ‘big girl changes’ in her life. We both are just six months shy of twenty years old (good lord that sounds so strange) and are in that awkward stage of transitioning into adulthood. The ages 18-20 are kind of like a ‘limbo’, as my friend Lindsey has referred to it. At this age you are not a child anymore and are expected to act as an adult, even though you are not always treated like one. Anyways, some of her changes have included getting a nice, ‘big girl’, purse along with a ‘big girl’ haircut. Her charisma has inspired me to take control of my life and begin to make some changes too.

If you haven’t read my About Page, I welcomed you all to join me on my quest to self-discovery. Now is the time people! I have 78 days of summer left. In those 78 days I plan on making some changes that will better my happiness and life overall. Some of the changes I am making are….

Taking the Chop. I think the biggest thing that marks a change in your life is getting a haircut. I’ve had my hair long for the past three years and it’s time for a change. I plan on getting it to my shoulders (which is major, since my hair is at my waist). It’s well needed and if I hate it I still have 78 days to grow it back. #YOLO

Saving Money. I’m a huge spender, I’ve always been a spender. I don’t plan on spending any more money this summer (other than a birthday gift and gasoline). I am going to stop eating out, other than the occasional Starbucks. Eating out adds up so quickly. I’m going to stop buying pointless things (do I really need another pair of shorts)? I just need to freeze my credit/debit card, literally. Buh-Bye shopping sprees. You will be missed.

Getting Back on Track. In the past I’ve written posts about living a  healthy lifestyle. I’m not making a crazy change when it comes to this, since I do live a fairly healthy life already. I just plan on adding exercising (yoga, pilates, etc) once a day. I also plan on cutting out carbs and sweets as a whole (gasp!). I’ve done it in the past and its not very hard at all. I feel like I have so much more energy when I live this way.

Doing Things For Myself. This is the biggest change I will be making. I’m a people-pleaser. I like to be on peoples good side. This needs to stop, to an extent. I need to start doing more things that make me happy. For me, this will be spending more time outdoors (hiking and tanning), spending more time painting/crafting, and spending more time living. You may be thinking, “Hey Liv, what do you mean spending more time ‘living?”… I mean making memories. Going on spontaneous trips and adventuring into the unknown. What’s the point of life if you are just existing? I want need to live.


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