Workspace Inspiration

Hello Beautiful People!

Workspace Inspiration

I don’t know about you¹, but I am noticeably more productive when my workspace is tidy and trendy. As an avid Pinterest user, I’ve come to be obsessed with pinning all things office/workspace related. Today I’m going to share with y’all a few additions you could add to your workspace to make it fun, yet functional. Enjoy!

I don’t know about you¹ – I wanted to make a Taylor Swift reference so bad, but I held off… until now (I’m feeling 22).

1. Agendas, Agendas, Agendas

I am not the type of person who prefers to use technological-based methods of keeping track of appointments, schedules, etc. I need to physically write things down in order to remember them. I’ve been using the Lilly Pulitzer agendas for the past three years and I love them! Today I pre-ordered the Large Agenda in the print Pink Lemonade. You can check out all of the new agendas here. Personally, I think the small ones do not have enough space to write down everything I need and the Jumbo ones almost have too much space. I’ve gone with the Large agenda every time and it never lets me down!

2. Wall Art Gallery


This is where your personality comes into play! You can design your own prints or buy ones from Etsy. I think this makes your space look decorated and cared for. For instance, I would have my monogram (duh), pineapples, and fun prints with the colors coral, teal, and gold. One of my favorite websites where you can print your own, pre-designed, prints is called They are darling. I plan on printing the one that says “Crafters Gonna Craft” and “But First, Coffee”.

3. Fresh Flowers


For those of you who don’t know, my all-time favorite flower is the hydrangea. All of the colors are gorgeous but I love the pink and blue ones the most. I’ve also started to love the look of peonies and sunflowers. When I live on my own, which isn’t that far away, I plan on having fresh flowers on my desk 24/7. They give your desk extra life and will instantly put a smile on your face. They also add a little pop of color that can be easily interchanged.

4. Quirky Details


I think adding little quirky details to your workspace is so fun. In the picture above, I love the color of the desk. It’s so different than what you usually see and I think it spices up the area. I also love the red elephant taxidermy as well as the pineapple accents. These little things add so much personality and really transforms the space into your own.

5. A Throne Fit For A Queen


The “ghost” chairs have been trending for awhile now. I think they are so chic and fabulous. I found one for sale on Amazon here. I love how you can throw a cosy blanket over the back of it to really warm up the space. I think once I get a place of my own I will definitely have to invest in one of these bad boys.

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