{#TalkCollegeToMe} 10 Things I’ve Learned My Freshman Year

Hello Beautiful People!


I’ve been MIA for far too long, my bad! I’ve been cramming for final exams and packing up my dorm room. I’m typing this post in my obnoxiously empty dorm room, this is extremely bittersweet. It’s so hard to believe that my freshman year of college went by in the blink of an eye. I can only imagine how fast the next few years will fly by. I’m sad to leave such a beautiful campus but I’m excited to make lots of money this summer! I have two pretty sweet summer jobs lined up, I’ll share more details when things are set in stone. If you would like to read my first semester of college reflection you can click here. I am officially done on Monday, May 11th and I’ll be home until the end of August. I have some exciting posts lined up for the summer and I can’t wait for y’all to read them! Lets get started:

1. Mom Knows Best


I have an extremely great relationship with my mother, which I am very grateful for. I know that if I ever call her crying at 2am because i’m too drunk to function she will be at the other end, laughing at me. She always seems to know exactly what to say and is always right, weather I like to admit it or not. Even though I am away at school, I find myself needing my mom for more reasons than I thought. I don’t know what I’d do without her.

2. I Like The Outdoors, A Lot.

It’s easy to just sit in your dorm room and watch endless hours of Netflix. Don’t. I’ve become very into going on adventures. Lucky for me my campus is located in a perfect location to do so, I’ve gone on hikes, kayaking, and even adventured to a haunted lighthouse. Get out there girl! The world is your oyster.

3. Party Hard, But Not Too Hard


Yes, there is such a thing as partying too hard. You will know it when it happens too. I’m going to go Mother Hen on you for a second: If you choose to drink, be cautious of how much you are intaking and be sure to eat food and drink water while drinking. Stay with a friend who you trust! My school is very small so everyone seems to know everyone anyways, but it is important to say will people you know that you can count on. When one chooses to party too hard two things will happen. First you will instantly regret all the choices you made (that you recall anyways). Secondly, you will become the running joke around campus. Seriously. Party on, safely, my friends.

4. Some People Know “How to Adult” Better Than Others

Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 4.02.51 PMIMG_1238

Ah, the strange time in our lives where we are slowly transforming into adults (yikes).  Being away at college is the true test of your acquired adult skills. For instance, you may have to take a friend to the hospital at 1am during a snowstorm. Yes, it will be scary. Yes, this did happen. Or your debit card could get compromised and you have to deal with claiming fraud, how fun! Or sometimes when you want to go out to an off campus party you need to put on your big-girl panties and be the DD. Most of the time adulting is usually not fun. It is an important aspect of the college experience though!

5. You Find What You Need In A Friend

IMG_2831 IMG_1077

As I’ve said in my first semester reflection, I have definitely realized who I need as a friend. I am extremely lucky to have two lovely ladies at school with me. Megan and Alyssa. They are both my rocks. I know I can tell them everything and anything and I trust them with my life. On the other hand Stephanie, who goes to Salisbury, is still my best friend. I should write some sappy quote about how distance is no feat for our friendship, just to get her in her feelings because she’s a big wuss. At the end of the day, I couldn’t imagine my life without these three beauties. I hope they know how much they mean to me! 🙂

6. Everyone Will Have A Nickname

IMG_8244 IMG_1059

Everyone. Even if you know them or not. Nicknames are fun and lighten the mood. Here are some of our most used ones: Boiled Squash, Shalyssa, Bridge Troll, OCR, Hot Ugly Greg, Dad, Grandpa, Cig for a Bill, Hat Boy, Rubber Flip Flops, Poppa Bear, Mom, Megan Brittany, Grandma, Potato, Chocolate, Sofrita, Hobbit.

7. Go Out of Your Comfort Zone


Never in my life would I have thought I’d be where I am today. I haven’t really done anything too drastic but I’ve definitely become a more social person. It’s important to do this so you can meet more people and gain the best college experience as possible! It’s true what they say, life begins outside of your comfort zone.

8. You Will Spend All Your Money On Stupid Things


Dollar Store runs have become a common occurrence. Theme parties will take a toll on your wallet. One week you will be buying a tutu and the next you will be buying obnoxious neon leggings. In addition, you will eventually get tired of the food in the cafeteria so you will go to get Chipotle and Panera (at least once a week). So essentially, all your money is going towards costumes, liquor, and food. Oh what fun!

9. You Do You


I love how my college is such an open environment. Everyone can act however they want and they will not be judged. You can easily spot a guy unicycling through campus or even people who choose not to wear shoes. As the wise Childish Gambino once said: ‘Don’t be mad because I’m doing me, better than you doin’ you”. #StayWeird

10. I’ll Really Miss This Place


Need I say more?



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