Life Update: {Lilly for Target and Announcement}

Life Update

Hello Beautiful People!

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Firstly, I would like to apologize for being MIA for over two weeks! I really don’t have any excuse in particular; I’ve simply been soaking in all the fun last moments of my first year of college (and of course writing tons and tons of papers). Around campus you can always find me on the docks or binge watching Netflix. Speaking of Netflix, my newest obsession is Scrubs! It’s like Blue Mountain State except based in a hospital. Anyways, let’s rewind to this past Sunday, better known as ‘Pink Sunday‘.

Lilly For Target

I would like to reflect upon on the shit show that was Lilly for Target with y’all. Don’t get me wrong, I love Lilly Pulitzer; my dorm room is Lilly themed and I even sell Lilly letters on my Etsy shop! I was out at a party on Saturday night, promptly at 11:45pm I had to scurry away to my dorm room, like the Lilly Princess I am, so I could get on Target and shop for the online only pieces I wanted to snag. As I spent 15-20 minutes refreshing the page until I decided it would be best to turn to Twitter for some help. Thankfully a few people were posting links to items and I ended up snagging the gold wedges and a bikini top!

I decided to call my mom so she could get in on this action. We are both a big fan of shopping and the pandemonium that occurs during Black Friday so this was right up our alley! Right as she decided what she wanted me to buy for her, since I am on the online shopping wizard, the links stopped working and everything started to sell out… BEFORE the collection was even officially released online! My mom and I found it quite humorous what people were tweeting, especially about the napkins. Here is a screenshot of some our favorite Tweets:

Lilly Pulitzer for Target Napkin Tweets

As you can tell, Lilly lovers are a cutthroat bunch. I have four Target’s in close proximity to my house and my mom said all four of them sold out within five minutes. The Target by my college sold out within five minutes as well. It was disappointing to say the least. Here are some text messages from my mom that captures the essence of the “in-store” action:

Mom text #1 Mom Text 2

I guess what makes me most upset about this whole ordeal is that it totally defeated the purpose of what Lilly for Target was supposed to be. This is meant to be a collaboration so that those who can not afford “normal” Lilly could now have a chance. Being one of the people who regularly buy ‘real’ Lilly I saw this as a great opportunity to get my hands on some for cheap! Essentially everyone who bought in store bought it all just to resell it on Ebay. I think that is ridiculous for two reasons: The first being that now the products are marked up by 200-300%, making it almost the same price as REAL Lilly. At these prices, why don’t you just skip the Target collection and go for the real thing? Secondly the people who are selling the Lilly are NOT lovers of the brand. They simply want control over the line for unforeseen reasons.

Lilly for Target, Special Place In Hell

Overall, the idea of Lilly for Target was fabulous, a dream come true one could say. In reality it was a complete and udder mess. Moving on from this I have a quick announcement! I am bringing back the popular segment “Between Two Belles” for the summer! BUT this time I would love it if some of my avid readers would like to be involved! If you would like to be a part of “Between Two Belles” email me at:, telling me what kind of advice you would like give my readers. I hope some (if not more) take advantage of this opportunity! 🙂 Talk to you guys soon!



5 thoughts on “Life Update: {Lilly for Target and Announcement}

  1. I was in on the action and was only able to snag 2 items! And that was only because I stalked people around the dressing rooms! I saw one lady spend over $1000!!! Totally ridiculous.

  2. Hello! Your blog is SO lovely! I LOVE Lilly but this was insanity! Everything sold out in a matter of minutes by me! Anyway, great post, I followed and look forward to more! I just started a fashion, beauty & lifestyle blog and would love if you would check it out! Kyra xx


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