February Favorites ♥

Hey People!

Happy Friday! Since it’s the end of February (wow, I can hardly believe it) I thought I’d share my monthly favorites with y’all! Lets get right into it.

1. Madewell Ames Boot

Ames Boot

As my frequent readers know, I’ve been on the hunt for a quality pair of leather booties for what it feels like forever! You can check it out my January Lust List. Three weeks ago I did some shopping at J Crew Factory and they had these in store for only $80! If you don’t know already Madewell and J Crew are considered to be “sister” stores. I couldn’t say no and I’m totally in love. The color is in pecan and they still have them available online (linked in the title).

2. J.Crew Addie Loafer

Leopard Loafer

Way back in my November Lust List I discussed my longing for these beauties. The same day I bought the Ames Boots I decided to bite the bullet and purchase these as well. I’m so happy I did and the hunt is finally over! I can’t wait to style them. Leopard is the new black, right?

3. Chocolate Peppermint Luna Bars


On Tuesdays and Thursdays I have three classes in a row from 10am until 4pm. I need a quality snack that will power me through! I’m a huge fan of Luna bars but the chocolate peppermint stick ones have to be my absolute favorite! They taste like Christmas and happiness. You have got to give these bad boys a try.

4. Pineapple Monogram Tumbler


I’ve been taking coffee to class (like most college students do) and this is my favorite tumbler! It consists of my three favorite things: pink, monograms, and pineapples. They are not very expensive at all and are Tervis quality. You can purchase them on Etsy (link in title).

5. Starbucks Hack

I was scrolling through Instagram late one evening and came across Hannah’s page. She posted the these two pictures of a drink she concocted herself. She calls it the “She Hulk”. Here’s how to get one: Order a Venti Iced Water, ask for them to put in three scoops of matcha (ground up green tea), three pumps of sugar-free vanilla, and 3 packets of sweet and low. Ask them to blend it all together. My total ended up being only $1.38, which is crazy inexpensive for an extremely good Starbucks drink! If you like green tea frapps then this is the drink for you!

Stay Classy,



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