January Favorites ♥

Hello Lovely People!

Its Friday

Happy Friday! Looks like we made it through yet another week; go us! The tentative plan is that the last Friday of every month (or something like that) I will be post my monthly favorites. I haven’t posted a favorites since June of 2014. You can see my all my old favorites here. I actually had a bunch of favorites this month, I complied a list of twelve but I narrowed it down to my top six. Lets get right into it!

January Favorites

1. Kate Spade “Seaport” Grand Watch

Kate Spade

I copped this bad boy on Black Friday. I think this watch has stimulated a watch obsession within me. I find myself googling images of watches a little too frequently. I picked this one from Kate Spade because I find myself wearing gold often and I love the pink accents! It’s all about that little extra touch. Wouldn’t it be cute if they had one with turquoise accents?

2. Patagonia Re-Tool Snap-T

I got a little too excited about this jacket. I was on the hunt for this specific one for quite some time. I ended up driving about 45 minutes to a Dick’s Sporting Goods and found it! I got a size larger than I usually would so I could wear thicker sweatshirts underneath if it was super chilly. Overall, it’s super cosy and totally worth it.

3. Kate Spade Crossbody

This bag was also a Black Friday find! It’s perfect and fits everything I would ever need. I’m really into crossbody bags because they leave my arms free when I am running errands or shopping. Also, whenever I have a big bag I feel the need to stuff it will unnecessary items that I have no use for. Adorable, Classic, and Practical. What more could a girl want?

4. GlamGlow “Supermud”

GlamGlow Supermud

Guys. This stuff is magic. I’ve been researching it to see if it’s worth it. Before I went back to school I got a sample from Sephora and oh my god. I don’t want to go into detail but this stuff is 10/10 holy grail. I would love to talk more about this product, leave me a comment if you would like to hear more about it!

5. Primizie Classic Chips



My school store, The Grind, sells these chips and I am addicted. Over winter break I was on the hunt for them and I couldn’t find any. The classic flavor is my favorite. I also love dipping them in guacamole, so delish! If you ever come across them I would totally recommend picking up a bag and trying them out!

6. Total Sorority Move (TSM)

Total Sorority Move

Sadly, my college does not have greek life. I think it goes without saying that I would’ve rushed if I could’ve. Basically I live vicariously through this website. I love the columns they post because they are so relatable. If you haven’t already (do you live under a rock?) you should totally check them out!

I love you

Stay Classy,



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