TAG: My Ideal World

Hey Y’all!


I saw this tag on Kavi’s Blog and I decided to give it a whirl! While typing this all I could think of was “#goals”.

Look Like: Blake Lively

Can we just take a moment to appreciate her beauty? She is stunning, inside and out. Since I was a little girl I’ve always longed for long, silky, blonde hair. Not only does she have stunning hair but her entire body is perfection. I’ve been a huge fan ever since I started to watch Gossip Girl in high school. Even when she was pregnant she still looks flawless!

Work For: Lilly Pulitzer

I think it would be so fun to work behind the scenes for Lilly! The offices at the headquarters are to die for. I feel like I would look forward to going to work everyday because the whole space is filled with color and would brighten my day.I am debating on applying to be a summer intern this year. Can someone say dream job?

Shop At: 5th Avenue


New York as a whole is such an amazing place. I simply adore every store on 5th avenue. I am too indecisive to pick just one store so I’m going to bend the rules a tad and pick a whole shopping district! A girl can never have too many options!

Blog Like: Carly Heitlinger (TheCollegePrepster)

If you don’t know who Carly is you must be living under a rock. She is the definition of success. She works so hard and deserves all of her accomplishments. She is diligent and I simply adore her style. Her entire apartment is so Kate Spade esque! She is most definitely my blogging inspiration.

Buy Make-up From: YSL, Tom Ford, and Chanel

Enough said, these brands make me drool. I have some YSL and I am head-over-heels for it. I honestly think if I ever got my hands on Tom Ford and Chanel of these I would be way to scared to even use them!

Drink: Starbucks, everyday

Do I even need to elaborate? #WhiteGirlProbems

Live in: New York and Florida

I love both cities so much. I am such an east coaster and I could get the best of both worlds in each state! I love the hustle and bustle of New York but I enjoy the sun and beaches of Florida.

Sing Like: Beyonce

I think this goes without saying. Can someone say flawless? (yes, pun intended). #BowDownBitches

Work Out Like: Snooki

I commend Snooki on her achievements physically! Her transformation makes my jaw drop! I love how she is toned and works hard. Looks great for a mother of two!

Dress Like: Alexandra Pentel (Prepofthesouth)

Goodness I love her so much. Not only is she a perfect human, her style is always on point. Not to mention she can rock a skirt (something I wish I could do myself). She is the queen of dressing casually and formally. All hail Miss. Best-Dressed USA 2015!

I tag Danielle, Madison, Samantha, Bethany, and anyone else!

Stay Classy,



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