My First Semester of College Reflection

Hey Y’all!

It completely baffles me how my first semester of college has already come to an end. I can only imagine how the next three and a half years are going to fly by! I decided it would be easiest if I broke down my first semester into three sections. For those of you who don’t know, I attend St. Mary’s College of Maryland and I plan on majoring in economics and minoring in educational studies. I am also contemplating on getting a Masters Degree in teaching.


When I was in high school my teachers would tell students that college classes reasonably harder. I don’t agree with this statement entirely. Compared to my high school experience (which you can read more about here); classes are similar in length and size. In addition, I got less homework my first semester of college than I did my senior and junior year of high school. Also, I enjoy how you have the freedom to choose classes that you are interested in rather than take general required classes in high school. Time management and organization also plays a huge role in success. I use my agenda religiously and I personally remember things better when I physically write them down. I’d say that if you took rigorous classes in high school and you are good at managing your time you will do just fine!


This is a subject filled with mix emotions. I have found my best friends this first semester of college, Megan and Alyssa. They are always there to cuddle, turn up, rap ratchet songs in the car, give silly nicknames all the hotties on the lacrosse team, and hug me an tell me that everything will be okay when i’m feeling down. I don’t know what I’d do without them. I don’t want to go into to much detail about my breakup but I feel like it would be helpful to touch on. If you enter college in a relationship it’s imperative that you both communicate your feelings. It’s okay for feelings to change; its natural and everyone deserves happiness. What’s NOT OKAY is when you pretend that nothing is wrong and lead the other person on for two months when you do not love them anymore (yeah that happened, yikes right?). Girl… just let go. If someone wants to be in your life they will make an effort to be in your life. Chasing a guy and trying to hold onto something that isn’t there anymore is just pointless and will break your heart. Let go of the people who are holding you back, you can’t grow as a person with a friend/boyfriend like that!

College Life

Let me just say that college is the best thing that has ever happened to me. College is what you make of it. Surround yourself with people who love your campus! You will have so much more fun. My school is on the small side so parties aren’t crazy huge but they are still super fun. I thinking about doing a whole post on how to party safely, leave me a comment if you are interested! Go out of your comfort zone! College is the time to explore and experiment. Just make sure you are being safe with whatever you choose to do!

Stay Classy,



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