November Lust List

Hey Y’all!

Today I am going to be sharing with y’all my Lust List! I hope you all have been content with Between Two Belles/Bros! They are easy for me to schedule during my busy first semester of college! I have VERY exciting things planned during my winter break so stay tuned! I can promise that before 2015 there will be two more Lookbooks like the ones from Fall and Winter of 2013. If you have any posts you would like to see leave me a comment and I will gladly do it for y’all. Without further ado are five things that I am currently lusting over! Enjoy!

Lust List

1. Sequin Leggings

Holy. Sparkle. I’m beyond obsessed with these beauties. I’ve been siphoning through tons of online shops, looking for the best deal and quality. Even though they are very bold I could totally rock theses during New Years Eve or even Christmas Eve/Day. I can imagine myself pairing them with my black Tory Burch Reva flats and a cute black blazer. I’ve been debating on ordering the ones off of BrinaBox. What do y’all think; Purchase or Pass?

2. Blanket Scarves

From Style for the Seasons

Image from Style for the Seasons

I’m a sucker for a quality scarf (but what girl isn’t?).  I spotted this beauty while I was scrolling through Pinterest the other day. I found a dupe on BrinaBox and I am strongly debating ordering one. I think I might hold off until Black Friday because I always seem to find amazing deals. I feel like the outfit possibilities are endless and it can add that something extra to any outfit!

3. Celine Bags

I think it goes without saying that I could never bring myself to actually purchase one of these bags. I can’t fathom spending over $2000 on a purse that I would probably scuff up anyways. I still find myself drooling over them quite often! I love the look of a structured bag, it looks so clean and tailored.

4. Tory Burch Boots

Tory Burch "Simone" Riding Boot

Tory Burch “Simone” Riding Boot

I’ve been in the market for a quality pair of riding boots. I was scrolling through about a week ago (… no pun intended) and I came across these beauties! I love Tory Burch so much that I might just have to invest. What do y’all think; Purchase or Pass?

5. Leopard Loafers

Sam Edelman Leopard Loafers

If you know me you probably already know that I’ve been on the prowl for a pair of leopard loafers. This past weekend I was in TJMaxx and stumbled across these Sam Edelman Loafers. My jaw practically dropped and I was so close to purchasing them. They were still a tad pricey, around $80. I think I just might have to bite the bullet and purchase them! What do y’all think; Pass or Purchase?

Stay Classy,



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