{Between Two Bros} ◊ Gerald Shares Wisdom

Hey Prepsters!

Between Two Bros

Hey y’all! My motivation behind this segment is to acquaint y’all to some of the most inspirational men I know. On one random Wednesday of each month you’ll be introduced to another “Bro”, get to know him, and gain a little knowledge. Let’s get started!

Meet: Gerald (Gerry, G, G-Nasty, Token, That black guy on the lacrosse team)

'I call this... Nothing was the same"

‘I call this… Nothing was the same”

Olivia: What school do you attend?

Gerald:I’m a freshman at Albright College, a small liberal arts school in Pennsylvania. I’m definitely enjoying my time here, 100% because of the people I’ve met. I love how people just come up to me saying something like “you’re Gerald right?”, and we end up exchanging names, talking a little, and maybe numbers. Thanks to Lacrosse I already have my unique little friend group, so joining a Frat didn’t really cross my mind, plus I’m more of a sweatpants jeans once a week kind of guy. I love being outside, which is the reason I chose environmental science as my major, I really couldn’t see myself doing anything else.”

Olivia: Describe your dream girl.

Gerald: “Like all guys, first thing I notice are the physical features. However, as I’ve matured that’s become less important to me, mainly because in the years ahead nature takes it’s course and they will sag and be gross. However, I am a booty man. As big as a fan I am, it definitely isn’t required because it’s more than just the physical attributes. My dream girl is one who laughs at my jokes, and not the little tee-hee trying to be cute laugh, but actually gets my humor and isn’t afraid to return them. As all my friends know I’m a happy comedic person, and the day I find a girl that I can sit and talk to for hours and hours sharing stories and jokes, and I’m physically attracted to (nice smile, curly hair, dimples) I call dibs, she’s mine, none of you can look at her anymore.”

Olivia: What’s something that makes you unique?

Gerald: “Something that makes me unique is my ability to be an asshole with my humor but still be loved by everybody. I know that sounds arrogant but that’s honestly how it is.”

Olivia: What are your favorite sports teams?

Gerald: “As much as I love playing sports, I actually don’t care for any team. I wish I did, but I don’t.”

Olivia: What kind of music do you listen to?

Gerald: “Usually I’m DJ in the car or room and my go-to’s are Chance The Rapper, Ab-Soul, School Boy Q,, Kendick or Some reggae artists. If I’m just chilling with Chris or Liam I gotta put on some Chance, we always have our best memories to chance, but if I’m with Mountain Man Tan I play a mix of Chance and reggae. “

Olivia: What’s something you can’t live without?

Gerald: “My phone, I know it doesn’t make any sense, but I hate texting, the “hey”, “hi”,”whats up?” conversations bug me. However, if I’m not texting anyone I feel lonely, leading to the “text me” tweets even though I stop replying half way through the conversation because I hate texting. Weird but that’s how it is lol”

Olivia: What do you find yourself doing often?

Gerald: “Fishing, I could fish all day every day, especially with my three bestfriends with me so being ways away from my rods and a good fishing hole is torture. Fishing brings me peace and happiness because it can take my mind off of anything, hooking a fish is about as satisfying as sex.”

Olivia: Twitter or Instagram?

Gerald: “I’m a serious tweeter, I love being up to date on what’s happening with my friends all over and at home. I think I have about 44k tweets… yeah haha a little excessive, but if I ever feel any words of wisdom, or just the urge to let my followers know what im doing or feeling, that where I go.”

Olivia: What are your social media links?

Gerald: Twitter and Instagram

Olivia: What is your biggest regret? Would you have done something differently to change the outcome?

 Gerald: “I’ve messed up thousand, and thousands of times, with relationships, school work, family matters, anything you can mess up on I probably have. But, I can say I don’t have any regrets, I look back on times I’ve messed up, and I laugh a little at how dumb I was, and im still dumb, but I’m pretty satisfied with the person ive became so why mope over the past you know? Some “Big Brother” Advice I have to share, is well 2 things actually. 1. You’re going to make mistakes, that life, everyone makes mistakes, but when you do you cant just sit there feeling bad for yourself, you have to do something about it! Thinking about all the good you have in your life, the friends you have, the adventures you’ve been on, all the good times, 9 times out of 10 with help. I preach this to my younger brother, when you mess up, brush it off, move on. Here at Albright one of the sports motos is “We climb mountains out here” and I though it was particularly cool cause in life, situations aren’t always going to be in your favor, but you got to keep on pushing, like who’s satisfied with being on the side of a mountain, you wana see the view from the top”

Stay Classy,




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