{Between Two Belles} ♥ Meg Talks Photography

Hey Prepsters!

Between Two Belles

Hey y’all! My motivation behind this segment is to acquaint y’all to some of the most inspirational and fabulous women I know. Each Wednesday you’ll be introduced to another “Belle”, get to know them, and gain a little knowledge. Let’s get started!

Meet: Meg Galasso


Olivia: Where do you go to school?

Meg: “I’m a freshman at the beautiful University of Delaware! I’ll be majoring in Visual Communications, a blend of art and marketing, with most likely a double minor in Business Administration and Psychology. I haven’t decided if I’ll join a sorority yet, but I’m open to the idea!”

Olivia: How do you describe your style?

Meg: “This one’s kinda hard, because I definitely don’t have one set style…it tends to change with the seasons! In the fall and spring my style is a little more northern-prep oriented, while in the summer I learn towards a boho-beachy-free people kind of look. In the winter, my style just tends to be whatever is warmest! Lulus, Patagonias, cute fuzzy socks, and my Sorrel boots are for sure my winter staple items.”

Olivia: What’s something that makes you unique?

Meg: “My ability to organize anything, anytime, anywhere. I love organizing. So much. I would for sure consider it to be one of my greater talents, one also happens to be quite useful!”

Olivia: What’s your favorite season?

Meg: “My favorite season is definitely fall. I love everything about it! The crisp cool air, the leaves changing on the trees, the clothes, fall scented candles, coffee, Halloween, football season. You name it; I love it.”

Olivia: All time favorite nail polish?

Meg: “Essie- Butler Please (Royal blues all the way)” -I love that one too!

Olivia: What’s something you can’t live without?

Meg: “Cleaning products. My obsession with cleanliness and all things cleaning-related is slightly out of hand…hope my roommates don’t mind! Lol”

Olivia: What’s your go-to order at Starbucks?

Meg: “Grande coffee (iced in the summer) with caramel, half and half, and one sugar!”

Olivia: Twitter, Instagram, or Tumblr?

Meg: This one’s a tie between Instagram and Tumblr. I adore taking photos and sharing them with my friends, but I love the dynamics of tumblr, it’s an online diary, blog, and comic relief all in one!

Olivia: What are your social media links?

Meg: Twitter and Instagram and Tumblr

Olivia: You take amazing photos! How did you get into photography and what advice would you give to somebody interested in photography?

Meg: “First off, thank you so much!! I got into photography when I was about 13. I come from a family of artists, a few of which are professional photographers, including two of my uncles and my grandfather; so I guess in a way you could say it runs in the family? I’ve grown up in an environment where documenting life via photographs is just what we do! I got my first camera when I was 13, and since then I’ve had three others, one of which I just got this week (a Nikon D610 ahhh). I took photography classes all throughout high school, including AP Photography my senior year (I actually got a 5 on the exam-yay!) where I was exposed to digital and film photography, as well as editing software. I worked with a professional photographer, Natalie Franke, last summer where I was exposed to the actuality of being a professional wedding and portrait photographer! Working side-by-side with Natalie taught me so much about photography, and the business side of it, too. The experience definitely pushed me to further my knowledge and passion, guiding me to where I am today!

For someone who is interested in photography, my best advice would be to become as educated as possible about it. There’s a lot more to photography than most people think; in order to become a true photographer, you have to know your stuff, especially your camera. For me, I got the most out of using a film camera where you really had to understand aperture, ISO, depth of field, and shutter speed, to get good photos. Because access to film cameras and dark rooms is not so common, an alternative is to purchase a book about basic photography where you can learn the ins and outs in order to obtain a deeper understanding of how cameras work, because knowledge and creativity are what create stunning photographs. For starters, cameras such as the Canon PowerShot, Panasonic LUMIX, or the Nikon COOLPIX are adequate and effective! For those who are a little more advanced and feel like they are ready to move past the basic “point and shoot”, some great starter DSLR cameras are the Nikon D5100 and the Nikon D3200.

All-in-all photography is a wonderful way to express your creativity and convey messages to viewers of your work. Anyone can learn photography with a little time and dedication! Practice and determination is the key to success.”

Stay Classy,




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