{Between Two Belles} ♥ Amanda’s Secret to Being Yourself

Hey Prepsters!

Between Two Belles

Hey y’all! My motivation behind this segment is to acquaint y’all to some of the most inspirational and fabulous women I know. Each Wednesday you’ll be introduced to another “Belle”, get to know them, and gain a little knowledge. Let’s get started!

Meet: Amanda Gott


Olivia: What do you study in school?

Amanda: “I’m a Marketing Major and Minor in Graphic Design”

Olivia: How do you describe your style?

Amanda: “A mix between casual, classic and preppy”

Olivia: What’s something that makes you unique?

Amanda: “I’m probably one of the only girls who is equal parts obsessed with Lilly Pulitzer and real rap music” – girl same.

Olivia: What’s your favorite season?

Amanda: “Fall, who doesn’t love throwing on a giant scarf, bean boots, and going to get a PSL?”

Olivia: All time favorite nail polish?

Amanda: “Essie’s Butler Please” – I love that one too!

Olivia: What’s something you can’t live without?

Amanda: “Art”

Olivia: What’s your go-to order at Starbucks?

Amanda: “Shaken Green Tea.”

Olivia: Twitter, Tumblr, or Instagram?

Amanda: “Tumblr, because it’s basically Insta and Twitter combined”

Olivia: What are your social media links?

Amanda: Twitter, Instagram, Blog

Olivia: What are your thoughts on being yourself? What advice would you give to somebody struggling with this?

Amanda: “No matter what you do in this life, you will never be able to please everyone, so why waste your valuable time trying? You were put on this Earth to be exactly who YOU are, never go against that. You make think that it is better to go along with the crowd, but it isn’t. Never be ashamed, never be embarrassed. There is nothing wrong with being exactly who you are and never let anyone convince you differently. It is a beautiful thing to confidently be who you are. Never apologize for what you love. Go out there and show everyone why you’d never want to be anyone else but you.”

Stay Classy,




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