{Between Two Belles} ♥ Ellen’s Keys to Confidence

Hey Prepsters!

Between Two BellesI am beyond overjoyed to announce my new segment “Between Two Belles”! My motivation behind this segment is to acquaint y’all to some of the most inspirational and fabulous women I know. Each Wednesday you’ll get to meet another “Belle”, get to know them, and gain a little knowledge. Without further ado lets get started!

Meet: Ellen

EllenOlivia: Where will you be attending school?

Ellen: “I’m going to be starting at BYU-I in January of 2014, with a major in Elementary education”

Olivia: How do you describe your style?

Ellen: “I’m a big fan of northern prep, yet I find myself reaching for bright colors, monograms (and honestly whatever is comfortable yet cute)”.

Olivia: What’s something that makes you unique?

Ellen: “I’ve always been really entrepreneurial. I have my own photography business, YouTube channel, and on occasion I do programming/ coding jobs for websites and iOS devices. I’m completely self taught with everything I know… I guess what makes me unique is my overbearing love for technology.”

Olivia: What’s your favorite season?

Ellen: “WINTER. Oh my gosh I cannot live without a few months of scarves, sweaters, cozy boots, and my grande peppermint mocha.”

Olivia: All time favorite nail polish?

Ellen: “It’s boring, but it’s dependable: Bubble Bath by OPI.” – Side note that’s my mom’s favorite too! #twinning

Olivia: What’s something you can’t live without?

Ellen: “My car! I am in love with my car. She’s a BMW 323i. Monogrammed of course.”

Olivia: What’s your go-to order at Starbucks?

Ellen: “Currently it’s been a trenta blackberry mojito shaken iced tea lemonade. It’s to die for.”

Olivia: Twitter, Tumblr, or Instagram?

Ellen: “Twitter and Instagram is @MsEllenMelon”

Olivia: What are your keys to confidence? What would you tell someone who is struggling?

Ellen: “The first step in having confidence is accepting yourself. Which means you have to love every inch of your personality, your body, and your hobbies. By no means do I have a perfect body, and the world of YouTube has been very eager to tell me that. But I know that I’ll never be the girl on the cover of the magazine. Even if I lost 20 pounds, I’m just not built like that! The girls in my family have a history of child bearing hips and thunder thighs. But I accept that! It’s taken a long time but I’ve come to just dress right for my body and work my curves! It’s all about just accepting yourself and being happy. If you’re not confident, you just need to fake it until you make it. Even if you’re feeling crappy, you need to look in the mirror and say “damn girl you look good!”. If you’re walking by a group of people that are ‘cool’ and intimidating to you, you need to strut by thinking “they wish they were me”. It sounds bad, but it’s the only way to convince yourself. And girl it’s true… you deserve to feel as fabulous as you are. Everyone deserves to feel happy with themselves.”

Olivia: I agree with Ellen 500%. Confidence is a mindset. A year ago I did a post discussing this topic in details. Check it out here

Stay Classy,





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