5 Underrated Things That Will Change Your Life!

Hey Prepsters!

Today I wanted to share some of my favorite things that not a lot of people rave about. I often question why theses things aren’t already popular and trending.  I certainly can’t live without any of these five things. Once you give theses things a try; you won’t be able to either! Enjoy.

5 Underrated Things That Will Change Your Life!

1. Scout Bags

Scout Bags

I’ve been a BIG fan of this company for a long time now. The bags they sell have the most beautiful prints! I’m debating on getting a backpack for college! Adorable, reasonably priced, and great quality; what more could you ask for? Check them out here. FYI- Monogramming is an option 🙂

2. Frozen Mango Chunks

Trader Joes Frozen Mango Chunks

This is a must have. I consider myself a frozen mango chunk connoisseur. Anyone who knows me personally can vouch for me when I say that I always have frozen mango chunks stocked up in my freezer. They are the perfect summer snack. Take them out of the freezer and let them thaw for about 15-30 min. Munch away and this yummy snack tastes almost like frozen yogurt. Delish! I prefer the Trader Joe’s brand however the Organic kind from Wegmans are good too. DO NOT buy the ones from Target or Dole. They are super nasty and taste like fish. EW!

3. Cetaphil Cleanser and Lotion


I switched to use the cleanser in February when I first went to the dermatologist to treat my severe acne. My derm said that you shouldn’t over-work your skin by using a million and one products on it. It’s not necessary! This does just fine and it makes my skin feel refreshed and clean. If you want to hear more about what to use on your skin and how I cured my severe acne leave a comment letting me know.

4. Color Riche Balm

Color Riche Balm

Remember when the Maybelline Color Whispers were a thing? Well this is 200% better! I have the one in “Nourishing Nude” and I ran out! I’ve never run out of an actual lip color before. Of course I repurchased it. I’m currently on the hunt for another color I will adore. They are super creamy and nourishing. Give it a try!

5. Clinical Strength Deodorant

Clinical Strength

This is kinda awkward but whatever. I really really really like this deodorant and I can’t live without it. Not only does it block odor but it prevents sweat from occurring. Double win!

Stay Classy,


**The Lucky Knot Representative & Country Club Prep Ambassador**

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2 thoughts on “5 Underrated Things That Will Change Your Life!

  1. Hi! I stumbled upon your blog, I’m actually in the process of starting my own. I was interested in how you cleared up your skin! I’ve been having issues of my own and have tried absolutely everything, you name it.



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