8 Tips to Conquer the Lilly Pulitzer Warehouse Sale!

Hey Prepsters!

Today was the kick-off to the Lilly Pulitzer Warehouse Sale. My friend Lindsey and I decided to make the trek up to Philly. Here are some extremely helpful tips I wish we knew before my adventure. Enjoy!

Lilly Pulitzer Warehouse Sale Tips

*Please Note: These tips work best if you plan on camping out the day before/of the grand opening*

Prior to the Sale:

1. Know Your Sizes

This will save you TONS of time and effort during the sale. Instead of grabbing something you “think” will fit; you’ll already know for sure.

2. Ditch the Bulky Bag

I love a large Longchamp as much (if not more) than the next girl but this is not the time nor place to be lugging around a giant purse. I carried around my mom’s vintage Coach bag and it worked wonderfully! All you really need is your wallet, keys, and water to hydrate. It’s great to go hands-free to grab anything that catches your eye.

3. Build a Campsite

I am the type of girl who likes to get the “full experience” out of any shopping excursion. That means if people are camping out you better believe my ass will be in line with them. Sadly this year, being new to the Warehouse Sale, Lindsey and I were by no means prepared. We got in line at 9:30pm the day before and started off with 2 blankets, a towel, and an umbrella. Soon enough we realized what we brought wasn’t cutting it. Lindsey drove down the road to Wal-Mart. She got us two folding chairs and a pop-up tent (which was a god-send due to the constant rain). Lesson learned; next year I’m coming prepared! Also, pack up your mini-campsite by 3am because that’s when the line usually starts to move.

4. This is NOT a Fashion Show

Chances are that if you are camping out at the Lilly Pulitzer Warehouse Sale you are mighty fond of the brand. There is no need to sport a head-to-toe Lilly outfit. Wear something comfortable that you can change in and out of quickly. I wore cropped leggings, blank tank top, and a button-up. I could easily try on the clothes without waiting in line for a dressing room.

During the Sale:

5. Have a General Plan

Obviously you won’t know where things are located due to the fact that they change the layout every year. It’s good to have a general idea of what you want badly and start there. For instance, this year I wanted scarves. As soon as the workers let me into the room I bolted over to the scarves and then moved my way to the dresses. I hit up the Seconds later and found some really good items. Seconds are items that were either messed up a little or worn by models. You can find really expensive clothing pieces for dirt cheap. Here is what I suggest and what I plan on doing next time: Hit up the Seconds first because they will NOT be replenished like the other clothing in the warehouse. Once they’re gone, they’re gone.

6. Grab n’ Go

You do not have time to pick up something and stare at it for a couple of seconds debating if you really like it. My rule of thumb is if it’s your size and you like the print/color toss it in your bag! You will siphon through the mounds of garments later. You’ll regret it more by not snagging it when you had the chance.

7. Go to Dressing Rooms Second

Most people line up around the perimeter of the warehouse and unload their giant Lilly filled bags to go through what they stuffed in. This is a good time to try things on casually. If it fits you but you want a better look just to be sure get in line for a dressing room once you narrowed it down to things you’d be interested in.

8. Calculate Total Yourself First

After all the trying-on a finalizing your purchase decision calculate how much it will cost you. I’m really glad I did because I would have gotten ripped off (by $200)! The cashier rang up my “seconds” full priced! Don’t be afraid to ask them to check again. It could potentially save you a lot of money.

I’m positive that by following these tips you are bound to have a marvelous experience! Long Live Lilly!

Stay Classy,



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