5 Things I Wish I Knew About High School

Hey Prepsters!

I graduate high school on Friday. Recently I’ve been reflecting on my past four years quite a bit. Without a doubt high school was such a worthwhile experience for me. I flourished as an individual and learned valuable life lessons. Today I would like to share with you the five most important lessons I’ve learned during my time in high school. Hopefully this will be helpful to upcoming freshman or even current high school students. Enjoy!

 5 Things I Wish I Knew About High School

1. Friendships Will Change

During high school you  grow as a person. You are discovering your interests, forming goals, etc. Sometimes friends don’t share the same aspirations as you. It’s totally natural and healthy to find friends who support your dreams. However, Its not okay to completely write someone off. Stay in touch and be kind. I am leaving high school with a total of 3 people whom I know that I can trust 100%. Only one of which was my friend since freshman year. Yes, it does suck for a little while but everything happens for a reason. If someone is meant to be in your life they will remain in your life. Please, Please, Please don’t go chasing someone who has already forgotten you. It’s not worth it.

Point Blank: The group of friends you come into high school with will most likely not be the group of friends you come out with. And that’s okay.

2. Take School Seriously

I know you’ve heard it a million times but school is important. So many people I know have messed up a semester or year of school and had to work extra hard in order to try to bring up their sub-par GPA’s. As a freshman majority of students don’t think about what colleges they will be applying to, what their goal SAT/ACT scores are, which AP’s they will take, and which extra-curricular activities they will partake in. Side note on AP’s: I wish I would have taken the AP tests more seriously. I could have entered college as a sophomore and saved a hell of a lot of money. Don’t make the same mistake as me; AP’s are a blessing. It’s important to know that the hard work you put in the moment you walk into high school will come back to you in some form; whether it’s scholarships for academic merit or athleticism, acceptance to one of your “reach” schools, or graduating with top honors.

Point Blank: School Matters

3. Teachers are Here to Help

If you are having trouble with their class or just need someone to talk to it’s important that you have that option available. Forming some friendships is vital to your academic success because teachers who like you will be more inclined to write you quality recommendation letters for college, scholarships, programs, etc. Also, if you are on the border between a B or an A they might bump you up or give you extra credit options. Remember that teachers are people too.

Point Blank: Befriend Your Teachers

4. Don’t Be Afraid to Be Yourself

High school is very different from middle school. During those painfully awkward middle school years every girl seemed to dress the same (Vera Bradley backpack/purse, UGG boots, Hollister/Aeropostale/Abercrombie Logo shirt <— Don’t lie; you know exactly what I’m talking about). In high school there really is no “fashion norm”. It’s more of people wearing whatever they like. I had a tough transition, fashion wise, into high school. I was still rocking the “middle school uniform”. At the end of sophomore year I decided my wardrobe needed a makeover. My sole inspiration was Sarahbelle93x. I started to really enjoy fashion and putting outfits together. I gained confidence and came out of my shell. I strongly believe that by being yourself you will find great happiness as an individual. Whether you want to wear skulls, Aztec print, or seersucker; Go for it. Be yourself.

Point Blank: You CAN go drab to fab.

5. Embrace the High School Dynamic

Since we started school all we ever wanted was to grow up. Once you enter high school time seems to speed up 500% and before you know it you’ll be walking across the stage at graduation being handed your diploma. All I ask is that you get the full high school experience. Go to football games, join clubs, meet new people. One of my regrets is not attending football games freshman-junior year. They were so much fun and displayed a sense of family within my school (If you go/have gone to my high school you know what I’m talking about). In 10 years you won’t remember the nights you got plenty of sleep. I am a huge victim of wishing away my days. Promise me you will never wish away high school. Live. Achieve. Enjoy.

Point Blank: Growing up sucks. Enjoy the time you have in high school because it goes by so incredibly fast.

TBH I got real emotional writing this. Thinking about college makes me excited yet really scared. I enjoyed high school so incredibly much. I would do it over again in a heartbeat. Please make the most out of it.

Stay Classy,


**The Lucky Knot Representative and Country Club Prep Ambassador**


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