Blogmas Day #12: My Holiday Traditions!


Merry Blogmas Prepsters!

Happy Holidays! I love hearing and sharing Christmas traditions with my friends. Here are mine, i’d love to hear yours! 🙂

Christmas Eve:

Christmas Eve consists of my immediate family and my mom’s side of the family getting together. We do this thing called a progressive dinner. For those of you who don’t know; a progressive dinner is when you travel to different houses for each course of the evening’s meal. We start the night by having appetizers at my house. After that all of us hop into our cars and drive to my Aunt’s house to have the main course. Once we finish the main course we get into our cars once again and go to my Grandma & Pop’s house for deserts and presents. We open presents that we all got each other. After that we change into our pajamas and drink “magic sleep” (hot chocolate with a Hershey kiss). We all give each other hugs and kisses and get into our cars and go back home. ***Progressive dinners work very well with my family because we all live in the same town, none of us have to travel more than 10 minutes***.  When we get home we throw out some good old reindeer food, put out the cookies and milk of course, and hop into bed.

Christmas Morning:

Christmas Morning is my favorite day of the year. When I was little I would wake up at the crack of dawn, now all of my family wakes up around 8am-9am. We all gather in my parents room until they say that they are ready to go downstairs. My dad goes down first and puts cinnamon buns into the oven (omg they smell so good!) and turns on a mixture of our favorite Christmas CDs. We all walk downstairs and go into the family room. First we open our stalkings, going in a circle. After that my brother and I have to look for the pickle in the tree to see who can open the first gift. (Pickle in the Tree= A pickle ornament that is hidden somewhere in the tree, first person to find it gets to open the first gift of Christmas). After we all open gifts we clean up and prepare to host brunch with my dad’s side of the family.  They all come over until early evening and then we all chill out until we go to bed. 🙂

Tell me your Christmas tradition! I’d love to hear.

13 Days Until Christmas!

Stay Classy,



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