Sunday $teals

Hey Prepsters!

Today has been super productive. I ran some errands and had a Froyo meeting with Lindsey (details to come). First I went to HomeGoods and picked up a birthday gift for my friend Lydia. Then I went to Marshalls. Sweet baby Jesus. I had no idea they sold beauty products. My jaw hit the floor. I went semi-crazy… but that’s okay. Everything I purchased was for a MAJOR steal. Therefore I am starting this new segment called “Sunday $teals”. Obviously this won’t happen every Sunday; I would be broke quicker than you can say “Monogram”. I thought I would share the love with y’all. Head over to your local Marshall’s and take advantage of these amazing deals.

Sunday Steals

32oz Philosophy Gingersnap: Shampoo, Shower Gel & Bubble BathDiscontinuted (as far as I know)

Retail Price: $27 according the the bottle (I googled and the cheepest I could find was $40).♥ Purchase Price: $5

11.7oz Shea Body Scrub: The Body Shop

Retail Price: $25.00 Purchase Price: $6.99

Yes to Carrots: Leave-in Conditioner with Argan Oil

Retail Price: $9Purchase Price: $4.99

Bella Beauty: Makeup Sponge Applicator

Retail Price: $6 Purchase Price: $3.99

Essie: Show me the Ring & First Timer

Retail Price: $16 (for two) ♥ Purchase Price: $9.98 (for two)


Total with no discount: $83Total with discount: $30.95

Total Savings: $52.05!

45 Days Until Christmas

Stay Classy,



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