Blog-o-ween Day #20: Morning Routine- School Edition!


Hey Prepsters!

This past summer I shared with y’all my morning routine. Obviously since the school year has started my typical routine has changed. Enjoy!
5:20am- My first alarm goes off. I hit snooze a lot… the alarm resounds every 9 minutes.
6:10-6:20am- I decide to turn off my alarm and get on my phone. I check my Emails, Twitter, Instagram, and this blog!
6:25am– I get out of bed and grab my clothes, which are put out the night before, from my dresser and head to the bathroom.
6:25-6:40am– I am in my bathroom getting ready for my day. I put on my clothes, do my makeup, and do my hair.
6:40-6:45am- I go downstairs and grab my lunch and water bottle from the fridge. Usually I don’t have time to eat at home in the morning but I usually take a peach or some sort of fruit to eat during first period. I grab my Longchamp (my “backpack”) and my keys and I head out to my car.
6:45-7:05am- I drive to school with my brother and neighbor. I really like driving in the morning because we don’t talk, it’s not uncomfortable silence… it’s peaceful because we are all so tired. I usually plug my iPhone into my car and listen to Lorde’s new album (seriously so good).
7:15am– School starts!
What is your Morning Routine?
Stay Classy,



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