Blogust Day #25: Freshman Advice

Hey Prepsters!


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Freshman Advice

I am going into my Senior year of high school so I feel like I give pretty good advice about what to expect your Freshman year of high school. Here are some of the main points I’d like to focus on:


The friends you came to high school with will most likely not be your friends by the time you leave high school. I entered high school having a bunch of “best friends”. As the years passed I discovered myself and found out which of my “best friends” were actually true friends that I can trust 100%. I think the main reason for friends changing is because you don’t have classes with them. If you really want to keep that friend you need to put out the invitation yourself. It’s just a part of life and it’s okay.


A lot of freshmen don’t understand that your grades actually matter now. Your GPA is starting to be built as well as relationships with teachers and fellow students. I can not stress enough how important it is to be diligent from the start of your high school education. So many upperclassmen are in a panic because they goofed off their freshman year and now they have to desperately try to improve their GPA before applying to college. In short- try your best from the get-go. 

Homework & Organization

This goes hand-in-hand with Grades. It is NOT possible to do well on a test without doing your homework. You need to write down your homework in your planner/agenda in order to remember it. Homework may seem like a waste in time but it’s purpose is to reinforce what you learned that day in class so you’ll be prepared by the time the test rolls around. Along with writing things down in your agenda you need to have folders or binders for all your subjects. Frequently organize your folders so you know where all your papers are.


At my school there is really no “freshman alienation”. Freshman are welcomed with open arms. Now, don’t be an annoying freshman. Don’t call yourself a “Freshie”, Don’t act like you did in middle school. Go with the flow and don’t be afraid to talk to upperclassmen. I swear we are nice and do not bite (well… most of us)! 😉

If y’all have any further questions or concerns please do not hesitate to leave me a comment or shoot me an email! I’m here for all of you!

 Stay Classy,