Blogust Day #18: Highlights of Summer

Hey Prepsters!


Today is day eighteen of Blogust! To see all of the Blogust posts click here. 


 Highlights of Summer

I have one week of Summer left and I felt that now would be an opportune time to reflect on the highlights of my summer vacation. Lets get started!


On the last day of school Laura, Julia, and I rolled out of school blasting some music while singing and dancing.  That weekend Lindsey and I attempted to make our own nail polish and we failed miserably. Basically my friends and I hung out every opportunity we got. It was great to catch up and not be stressed about school! The next weekend my family had a cookout and we ate tons of yummy seafood (muscles are my favorite)! Unpleasantly; I got food poisoning and was extremely sick for a day or two. It was the grossest thing I ever experienced. The next week my mom’s family and I took our annual beach vacation. It was lots of fun and I can’t wait to go again next year! 🙂 Somewhere in-between I started work again at my daycare center.


On fourth of July my family came over and we had a party! It was so simple but tons of fun! July really just consisted of work. A few days later I went to dinner at Cheesecake Factory with my friends McKayla, Laura, and Julia. We had tons of fun! At the end of July Lindsey and I went to the grand opening of PBTeen in our mall. We were first in line and I ended up winning a $250 gift card! I screamed and jumped around because I’ve never won anything before in my life. It was surreal! At the end of the month one of my good friends moved away.


Honestly, my time was really consumed by Blogust. I started to have meetings at the school about the coming school year. I was supposed to go on vacation with my friend Laura but my boss couldn’t get me off because we are so understaffed. So that sucked majorly. This month was fun but I am now ready to go back to school! Senior Year!!!!

What was your favorite summer memory?

Stay Classy,



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