Blogust Day #9: TAG- Common White Girl

Hey Prepsters!


Today is day nine of Blogust! To see all of the Blogust posts click here.

*Disclaimer: This is just for fun. It’s playing off of the “common white girl” stereotype and is not meant to offend anyone.*

I was watching MissMollyAnne14 and she just posted this tag. I am a sucker for tags and thought that I’d give it a go! 🙂

TAG Common White Girl

 1. Favorite Starbucks drink?

Wow. Is it sad that this is actually a really hard question? Well I have a whole post on my favorite Starbucks drinks here. Currently I’ve been ordering a Cafe Vanilla Coffee or a Caramel Macchiato.

2. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?

In the summer I really don’t get ready. I can wake up and be on the road in ten minutes. When school starts I like to give myself about 30 minutes to get ready. I’m not really high maintenance. Although, If I’m going out on the town I will give myself about two hours to get ready. I find it relaxing and great “me time”.

3. How many selfies do you take on a daily basis?

 I actually don’t take loads of selfies. When I do- I take 20+ pictures and sporadically post them throughout the coming weeks. These mini photo shoots usually occur when I am having my “damn, I look good” days.

 4. How many IG followers and pics do you have?

Currently, I have 322 Instagram followers and 221 pictures. I am not going to share my username because it’s my personal Instagram. Let me know if you would like me to make a “blog” Instagram! 🙂

5. Do you ever say “LOL” or “OMG” out loud?

I’m not proud, but I do on occasion. It’s more of a spur of the moment type of thing. I do it for emphasis… EMPHASIS! (If you know where that last sentence came from you’re my new best friend.

6. Do you wear the same clothing item more than once?

No… Just Kidding of course I do! 🙂 I’m just a normal girl like you!

7. Are you racist?

Not in the slightest.

8. How many tweets do you have?

I currently have 5,380 tweets on my personal account. On my blog’s twitter I have 100!

9. Instagram, Twitter, or Tumblr?

It really depends on my mood. I always go for Twitter when I want information, whether it’s the latest drama or sports events my timeline has it all! Instagram I use a lot and is probably my favorite app. I use Tumblr when I have time to kill or if I am unwinding at the end of the day.

10. What do you spend most of your time doing?

Blogging, Watching YouTube/Netflix, and Working.

11. Who are your favorite YouTubers?

AH! So many… HelloKatyxo, SarahBelle93x, and TheMakeupByDanielle just to name a few 🙂

12. How often do you do your nails?

Every Sunday, It’s a ritual.

13. Are you a shopaholic?

I am proud to say I am. I’m always looking up the latest trends and deals going on at my favorite stores.

14. How many times have you watched Mean Girls?

Probably around 10. It kind of gets old though… *gasp*

15. Do you own a lot of clothes?

I don’t think I do but my mother says otherwise…

16. Do you take pictures of your food before you eat it?

Only if I am eating somewhere that I don’t usually go or if I’m trying something new.

17. Do you wear makeup everyday?

NO! I found that when I don’t wear makeup it helps my skin out SO MUCH. If you are struggling with bad skin I HIGHLY suggest giving makeup a break and go natural for a while. It worked so well for me.

18. What are your average grades in school?

A’s. I take pride in my work and always try my best.

19. How do you usually style your hair?

I put in leave in cream and give myself a side part to the right. When my hair isn’t down It’s usually in a bun or braid.

20. Do you always look presentable?

 As much as I would like to say yes… NO.

Give this TAG a try and let me know if you did it! 🙂

Stay Classy,



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