Blogust Day #3: Beach Bag Essentials!

Hey Prepsters!


Today is day three of Blogust! To see all of the Blogust posts click here.


  Beach Bag Essentials


We are now in the midst of summer and I can confidently say that I have mastered my packing skills. In June I vacationed to a local beach with my family. On the weekends I go to the pool with some of my friends. Personally my beach bag is my lifesaver. It has everything I would ever need in it! To help y’all out I’ll be sharing my beach bag essentials. Enjoy!

*I don’t wear makeup to the beach. I don’t see a point if it’s just going to get messed up anyways.


As dumb as it may sound always remember to pack your sunscreen. I know many people who won’t put on sunscreen because they think it will prevent them from tanning. WRONG. All sunscreen is doing is protecting you from the sun’s harmful rays. I assure you that you can still get that tan that you’ve dreamt about!


The beach is fun in itself but sometimes you could get bored. I like to bring my iPhone/iPod to keep me occupied. Also, I discovered a new love for reading on the beach. I suggest bringing a longer book if you are going on vacation and a magazine if you are just taking a quick trip to the pool.


I am kind of a health food freak. My favorite snacks include fruits, veggies, and popcorn! At Trader Joe’s I found theses delicious frozen mango chunks. They will thaw out just the right amount and it tastes like you’re eating froyo! YUM. Also I am a huge fan of Skinny Pop (popcorn). I buy it at Sam’s Club but im sure you can find it at other stores. If you’re looking to indulge Trader Joe’s have these delicious frozen banana slices covered in chocolate. If you don’t know my all-time favorite dessert is chocolate covered bananas!

Hydrate Your Body

Bring water (duh). From laying out in the sun you sweat a lot, which means your becoming dehydrated. Want to stay wrinkle-free for as long as possible? Make sure you’re drinking 64oz of water a day!


Bring towels, sunglasses, and a beach chair.

Stay Classy,



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