♥ Holy Grail Makeup Products ♥

Hey Prepsters!



1. Maybelline One by One Mascara: $7.99 This is my #1 for a reason. Back in the day (AKA Freshman year) when I first started wearing makeup this was my first mascara. It does a fantastic job at lengthening your lashes and gives them a full and majestic look. My favorite part is that there are absolutely zero clumps! YAY! I consider this mascara “your lashes but better”. If you havent already, try it out! Better yet it comes in waterproof or regular formulas!

2. Urban Decay Naked & Naked Basics Palettes: $50 and $27- I reach for both of theses palettes everyday (or whenever I decide to wear eyeshadow). They are TOTALLY worth the price. I am in the market for the Naked 2 to complete my collection! Remember to used primer before you apply eyeshadow. I use the Urban Decay Potion Primer in the original formula.

3. Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer: $30I used this bronzer all year round. It is the perfect shade and gives me the “just right” glow. It is not orange at all so you wont look like Snooki! 😉

4. Physician Formula RX Concealer: $8.99- This is a heavy-duty concealer. I only use it under my eyes or if I have a stubborn pimple that just wont go away. You’ve got to try this out!

5. Sephora Liquid Eye Liner: $12–  Like the mascara I started with this was also my first liquid eye liner. I found that it is easy to control and I can make my eye liner as dramatic or simple as I please. In the summer I usually don’t wear makeup (Girl, it is too hot for that) but in the cooler months you better belive I rock a winged eye look! 🙂

6. BareMinerals Summers Bisque: $18Again with the firsts! This was my first concealer and I find that it covers my acne scars perfectly! It is light and never gets cakey! It’s a must!

I hope y’all enjoyed! What are your Holy Grail Makeup Products? I would love to try some new products out!

Stay Classy,



5 thoughts on “♥ Holy Grail Makeup Products ♥

  1. omg i HAVE TO TRY that concealer! it sounds awesome! also, a FABULOUS alternative to bare minerals (to be honest, I’m not the biggest fan) try W3LL PEOPLE. Their mineral products are all natural and much better for the skin.
    Please check out my beauty blog if you have the chance! http://www.smartysbeautymark.com


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