My Nightly Routine: Summer Edition!

Hey Prepsters!

Personally I am the kind of girl who strictly follows a routine. It helps me plan my day and stay organized. During the summer I do allow some “wiggle room” for spontaneous adventures that may occur. On a normal day; this is what my nightly routine looks like. Enjoy!


6:00pm– I arrive home from work. Right away I go upstairs to my room and change out of my uniform into comfy clothes. These could be pajamas or athletic gear. Afterwards I go back downstairs to my kitchen and grab a snack before dinner. My family eats late so this snack helps control me from becoming hangry*. I usually grab a cottage cheese. While I eat I check up on my social media accounts.

6:30pm– I finish my snack and watch the new YouTube videos that are in my subscription box. Sometimes there are only a handful and other times there are too many to watch before dinner. If I don’t feel like watching YouTube then I usually go on my social media sites (Twitter, Instagram, & Tumblr).

7:00pm– My family eats dinner anywhere between seven and nine. It all depends on when my dad gets home from work. We usually eat out about 3 times a week and cook the remaining days.

8:00pm– My TV shows that I like to watch come on at 8pm. On Tuesday I watch Pretty Little Liars and on Wednesdays I watch Baby Daddy (both on ABC Family). Those are the only shows I watch “religiously” but on occasion I do flip through the channels to see if anything catches my eye.

9:30pm– I start to get ready for bed. Every other day I take a shower. I have a bad habit of taking extremely long showers- I’m talking an hour and a half long. I’ve improved drastically and usually spend anywhere between 20-40 minutes in the shower. [If you would like to hear about my shower routine vote down below!]

10:00pm– If I took a shower I comb my hair and put product in it. Then I braid my hair and twist it into a bun on the top of my head. Afterwards I apply lotion to my legs. Then I change into my pajamas- or whatever I decide to sleep in. I remove my makeup with my Neutrogena Makeup Removing Wipes. After that I apply my Equate Moisturizer. Then I take my Proactiv toner and squirt it onto a cotton round and gently cleanse my face. Some nights I use my Neutrogena Wave to clean my face- this is usually on the nights that I don’t take a shower. After that I apply my Proactiv Repairing Lotion all over my face; which helps fight acne. If I have a profound pimple then I use my Proactiv spot treatment. Lastly I brush my teeth and pop in my retainers.

10:30pm– I hop in bed and plug in my phone to the charger. I usually check my social media sites again then check up on my blog. When I’m in the mood I brainstorm ideas for new posts or start to write future posts.

12:00am- I attempt to fall asleep around twelve or twelve thirty every night. Sadly I’ve been quite restless and my inner night owl has been raging for the past few months. I usually end up falling asleep anywhere between 1am and 3am.

*Olivia’s Dictionary:
Hangry: (Adjective) One who is angry because they are hungry. This is caused by low blood sugar.

I hope y’all enjoyed hearing about my summer nightly routine.

Stay Classy,



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