Smart Starbucks!

Hey Prepsters!

As a common white girl, Starbucks is my drug. At this very moment, I am only four stars away from getting my gold card (can somebody say obsessed, lol)! I am the type of girl who doesn’t like to “waste” calories on drinks but likes to indulge. What  is a girl to do!? Over the past few months I have compiled a list of Starbucks drinks that I consider “smart”. All of the drinks on the list are under 200 calories and allow you to feel like you have indulged (when you really didn’t)! Best of both worlds right? I hope you enjoy these drinks. Leave me a comment stating your favorite drink to get at Starbucks; healthy or not! 🙂


When you see a “” next to a drink, that means it is my personal favorite! 🙂

***ALL drinks are in the size: Tall***

COLD Drinks

♥ 1. Shaken Tazo Iced Passion Tea/Green Tea/Black Tea (unsweetened) – 0 calories ♥

♥ 2. Iced Coffee (without milk and unsweetened) – 5 calories ♥

3. Iced Skinny Latte – 60 calories

4. Shaken Tazo Iced Black Tea Lemonade – 100 calories

5. Nonfat Iced Vanilla Latte – 120 calories

6. Caramel Frappuccino Light Blended Iced Coffee – 130 calories

7. Nonfat Iced Caramel Machiato – 140 calories

8. Coffee Frappuccino Blended Coffee – 180 calories

***Olivia’s Tip: When ordering coffee, always order it without milk and sugar. I like to add my own zero calorie sweetener (Truvia) and my own creamer (International Delights French Vanilla Single Serve= 35 calories)***

HOT Drinks

1. Brewed Tazo Tea (any flavor) – 0 calories

♥ 2. Brewed Coffee (any roast) – 5 calories ♥

3. Caffe Americano – 10 calories

4. Nonfat Cappuccino – 60 calories

♥ 5. Skinny Vanilla Latte – 90 calories ♥

6. Nonfat Caffe Latte – 100 calories

♥7. Nonfat Caramel Machiato – 140 calories ♥

8. Nonfat Vanilla Creme (Hold the whip) – 150 calories

♥ 9. Nonfat Tazo Green Tea Latte –  150 calories ♥

10. Soy Tazo Chai Tea Latte – 170 calories

11. Nonfat Caffe Mocha (hold the whip) – 170 calories

12. Steamed Apple Juice – 170 calories

***All drinks contain under 2 grams of fat (majority have 0!)***

Stay Classy,



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