TAG: Tan Lines (Summer 2013)!

Hey Prepsters!

Today I’m here with a TAG for all of y’all. It’s called “Tan Lines”- which is basically just a summer tag! This tag was done by themakeupbydanielle , she is adorable and y’all need to check out her videos! Enjoy!


1. Beach House or Lake House?
Hands down beach house. I love the feel of sand and waves. I’m not really into the whole “lake” vibe.

2. Favorite Summer Hairstyle?
Natural beach waves/curls. I am convinced that salt water has magic powers. Miraculously it tames the beast, otherwise known as my hair.

3. Do you tan or burn?
Thankfully I tan! Although, if I don’t wear sun screen I burn easily!

4. Have you ever gotten a henna tattoo?
Yes. I’ve gotten one once before on my left wrist; it was an anchor (typical white girl, I know). I was disappointed in the durability of it though because it came off in less than two days. Major bummer.

5. Bonfires or Night Swimming?
This question is tricky! I LOVE both so much. To me, bonfires are more of a fall activity so ill have to go with night swimming! It’s super fun especially when the pool has different color lights!

6. If you could travel anywhere over the summer where would you go and why?
I would go to Hawaii because it has been on my bucket list since I was a little girl. It seems like it would be a blast!

7. Bikinis, Tankinis, or One-Piece bathing suits?
Bikinis! It’s super fun to mix & match tops and bottoms!

8. Summer makeup must haves?
I keep my summer makeup to a minimum so I use just the essentials (mineral concealer, foundation, and mascara).

9. How hot does it get where you live?
Summer where I live is usually in the 90’s. Perfect for the pool and beach!

10. Do you play any sports over the summer?
I usually have soccer practices/training for fall during the summer. I really want to get into early morning yoga!

11. Have you ever had a summer fling?
No. But I’m open to the idea! 😉

12. Number one things on your summer bucket list?
Probably take a road trip to the beach with my best friends for a weekend! It seems like it would be so much fun and a great bonding experience!

13. Long hair or short hair over the summer?
Personally I like long hair but it really depends on the person. I know I get a trim right when I get off of school.

14. Do you wear makeup to the pool/beach/lake?
I wear MINIMAL makeup to the beach/pool. That usually consists of just concealer. (And of course sunscreen!)

15. Worst summer memory?
Hmmmmm, I don’t really have any bad summer memories. (Lucky me!)

I tag all my lovely followers!

Stay Classy,



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