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Hey Prepsters!

I am home from vacation and I had a lovely time! This summer I am working on my blog a lot. I have loads of ideas for the coming months and I want all of your opinions! 🙂


Like the new background?! This is my all time favorite Lilly Pulitzer print (U Gotta Regatta).

1. I am highly considering doing fun montly “themes”. Let me explain, If you watch beauty guru’s on YouTube you are probably familiar with “Vlogmas” or “Vlogust”; which basically means those people vlog everyday until Christmas (Vlogmas) and everyday in August (Vlogust). I know that Ingrid and Meghan did them! I was planning on doing the same thing except with blog posts! If you could please vote below that would help me out tons! 🙂

2. Right now I have five posts planned. I thought that I would let y’all vote for which one I should post next! 🙂

Thank you guys for all the love and support you have shown me these past six months! Love you all!

Stay Classy,



June Favorites!

Hey Prepsters!

This month has come and gone! This June I was bringing back some of my older favorites and rediscovering my love for them. I hope you enjoy!


June Favorites

Equate Dual Power Moisturizer (Oil Free):
This has been my LIFE SAVER. My skin has been acting up so I’ve been using my heavy duty acne medication to combat the pimples! Because of that my skin has been dreadfully dry (ouch!). This little baby has Salicylic Acid so it helps prevent and treat acne while moisturizing the skin! What could be better?!

Garnier BB Cream (Light/Medium):
When I bought this I didn’t really like it. I have become notably more tan so the BB Cream matches my skin better. It is a full coverage foundation and I don’t even need concealer with it! Also, it has SPF so I can wear it in the sun and my skin will be protected! Sounds like a win-win! 🙂

Milani Baked Blush- Dolce Pink (01):
LOVE LOVE LOVE this! I’m not really into blush but this is my daily go-to color! I recommend it to anyone!

Essie- Mint Candy Apple:
Such a beautiful color and one of my long-time favorites. I like it even more in the summer because it really makes my tan pop! 🙂

Australian Gold- SPF 15 spray gel:
When I’m tanning or out in the sun this is my favorite sunscreen! It smells nice too!

Maybelline Great Lash Clear Mascara:
I use this to hold my eyebrows in place after I fill them in! It’s so perfect and significantly less expensive than other brow gels!

NYX Auto Eye Pencil (light brown):
Like the BB Cream I totally regretted this product when I bought it. Now I really like it! Funny how things change?

Aerie Botanics Lotion- Coconut + Vanilla Bean:
Three years ago Aerie had body care products that were fabulous! I was cleaning out my lotion bin and came across this. I. Was. Shocked. I don’t know why I ever put it away! For all you coconut and vanilla lovers; this is amazing! It’s a gentle blend of both! Sadly, the collection was discontinued and I can’t find it anywhere to buy it! 😦 I’m going to ration it out for special occasions! 🙂

What are your June favorites? I’d love to know! 🙂

Stay Classy,

TAG: 50 Random Facts About Me!

Hey Prepsters!

I’ve seen that this TAG has been going around for awhile now. I thought that I might as well give it a go! I hope y’all enjoy this and get to know me a little better. I’m not going to tag specific people but you are more than welcome to do it! Leave me a comment saying 3 random facts about yourself (maybe some we have in common!?). Lets get started…


1. I am seventeen
2. My middle name is Rae (which are my grandfather’s initials).
3. I am a mermaid, duh.
4. I could talk about Christmas all year (and I do)- I love it so much.
5. I NEED to have at least 4 pillows in my bed or I can’t sleep.
6. I only started to have an interest with fashion and beauty not even a year ago (August 2012).
7. I currently have 9 hermit crabs and one fish as pets.
8. I get frustrated easily and can loose my temper.
9. I try my best to go out of my way to make someone else smile.
10. I consider myself funny.
11. I have worked at a day care center for three years now.
12. I have never had a boyfriend
13. I am a Capricorn
14. The thought of going to college in a year scares me
15. I am obsessed with Starbucks- I have a Gold Card to prove it.
16. I am a proud shopaholic.
17. I monogram anything and everything.
18. I played soccer, basketball, and lacrosse for the majority of my life.
19. Family is important to me.
20. I always try to “Eat clean”; When I don’t I feel really gross.
21. I obsess easily.
22. I watch my youtube subscriptions daily.
23. My first cell phone was the Sidekick ID and I actually really loved it despite the jokes I would make about it (I called it my “brick”).
24. I love trying out new makeup products and recommending good ones to my friends.
25. I have an unhealthy obsession with chocolate covered bananas.
26. I collect lipsticks.
27. I couldn’t imagine having any other style than “preppy”.
28. Sarahbelle93x, themakeupbydanielle, and HelloKatyxo are currently my favorite YouTubers.
29. I wish I was crafty and could make DIY’s that you see on Pinterest.
30. When I am older, I want to cook fancy diners for my family every Sunday. In addition to baking yummy treats throughout the week.
31. I’ve always wanted to run a half marathon (but I am horrible at running).
32. I don’t regret my past
33. I want to be a first grade teacher.
34. I would love to marry a southern man.
35. I actually think the majority of Lilly Pulitzer prints are ugly. BUT I adore “U Gotta Regatta” and ” First Impressions”.
36. I get jealous easily
37. I hated my hair since I could talk. I’d give anything to have straight hair.
38. In some aspects, I wish I was more outgoing.
39. Ive always considered myself the “ugly friend” due to my self-esteem issues.
40. Essie is my favorite nail polish brand.
41. I like wearing darker colors like black and navy.
42. I only have 9 and 3/4 fingers.
43. I want to own a white hard top Jeep – maybe with the Lilly Pulitzer decal? 😉
44. I paint my nails every Sunday night.
45. I consider myself a good friend.
46. Fall and Winter are my favorite seasons.
47. I have never dyed my hair.
48. I almost never get sick.
49. I think about my future a lot.
50. When I was younger, I had a website called olivesfunnybunnycafe- don’t worry it’s deleted. (Ah! So embarrassing!)

Stay Classy,

A Shopaholic’s Guide to Beauty Reward Cards!

Happy Summer Prepsters!

I noticed that I haven’t posted in awhile (silly me). I was reorganizing my wallet and came across my rewards cards. I’ve collected a generous amount of them over the years. Personally I LOVE rewards/membership cards! As an avid shopaholic and a typical money conscious teenager I found that these cards allow me to purchase things, while staying within budget. By no means am I a shopping expert, I am going to share with y’all this technique I use that works for me. Let’s get started!


Today I am only going to focus on the beauty cards I have. If y’all would like to see my other cards (food) please leave me a comment letting me know!


Beauty Insider (Sephora):
I shop here when I am looking for specific, higher end makeup.

What is it?
Spend a dollar, earn a point. The more you shop, the better the rewards. Once you get 350 points (within a year) you will become a VIB- Very Important Buyer. This will allow you to get even better deals and rewards!

100 Points Perks (Free Mini of Makeup)
250 Points Perks (iPhone Case, etc)
500 Points Perks (Full size item, etc)
Complimentary Birthday Gift
Emails about coupons and promotions!

Ultamate Rewards (ULTA Beauty):
I shop here when I need to run in and pick up something either drugstore or high-end!

What is it?
Members will earn 1 point per $1 on anything at the stores and online. Members will also receive occasional BONUS POINT coupons throughout the year, which will be located on the ULTA mailers. Additionally, your points will be good for a FULL YEAR.

$3.50 off a purchase of $10 or more (Always)
100 points $3.00 off a purchase
250 points $8.00 off a purchase
500 points $17.50 off a purchase
750 points $30.00 off a purchase
1,000 points $50.00 off a purchase
2,000 points $125.00 off a purchase
You may also redeem points for various salon services ranging from haircuts and highlights to facials and OPI Gel nail services.
Emails about coupons and promotions!

FAB: Friends and Benefits (BareMinerals):

I usually only shop here twice a year, once in the summer and once in the winter.

What is it?
Spend a dollar, earn a point.

Free Makeover on your birthday.
Personal Sale Day to get 15% off anything.
Spend $150, get $10 off a future purchase.
You’re always on “the list” and will be invited to top-secret events near you.

Personally, I feel like ULTA gives the best rewards. What do you think? Do you have any of these reward cards?

*** I am on vacation right now! In the coming week be prepared to definitely see the following:
Beach Vacation HAUL
June Favorites***

Stay Classy,