What’s on my Pandora Bracelet?

Hey Prepsters!

One of my Twitter followers asked me to do a post of what’s on my Pandora Bracelet; so I thought I’d give it a go!


(From left to right)

Lotsa Love
Best Friend Butterfly Pendant
Minnie Mouse Charm (Not Pandora Brand)
Soccer Ball
Key to My Heart
Heart Mother of Pearl

Each one of them have a significant meaning to me.

Lotsa Love:
It was gifted to me during Christmas of 2010 from my Grandma and Pop.

Best Friend Butterfly Pendant:
I gifted half of it to my friend Laura for her 16th birthday in May of 2012.

Minnie Mouse Charm:
Over Spring Break my family took a trip to Disney World and this was my souvenir!

Soccer Ball:
This was my first charm I received with the bracelet as my 8th grade graduation gift (2010) from my parents. I have played soccer for basically my whole life.

This was gifted to me from my friend Laura as my Christmas gift this past Christmas (2012). My birthday is in the winter and it’s also my favorite season!

Key to my Heart:
This was gifted to me from my Grandma and Pop this past Christmas (2012). I remember picking it out with my mom at 4am on Black Friday! This charm had been on my wishlist since I had first gotten my Pandora bracelet.

Heart Mother of Pearl:
This was gifted to me from my parents for Christmas 2010.

Stay Classy,