Products I Regret Buying!

Happy Thursday Prepsters,

I think I am getting sick (gross, being sick is the worst). I just finished my math test and now I thought I may as well blog! Here are some products that I’ve accumulated over this past year that I totally regret buying. I’m not telling you to not buy them, they just didn’t work for me.


Biore Pore Strips:
These will be the only thing that I will tell you NOT TO BUY. I heard marvelous things about this product, sadly I was let down. They did absolutely nothing. I strongly urge you to find another product!
NYX eyebrow pencil:
Don’t get me wrong. The only reason I don’t like this product is because I got the wrong color. For $5 this is great! But I’d much rather have a higher end eyebrow pencil. Just my opinion.
Covergirl Outlast polishes:
To be honest, nothing is really wrong with these polishes. I just would have wanted to spend $3 more and gotten an Essie polish. Essie is my favorite brand and better quality (in my opinion).
Maybelline BB Cream:
This was a major upset. I heard so many good things about this and it didn’t really do anything for me. It didn’t cover up anything, had a strange consistency, and smelled funny. I will not be repurchasing this. There are far better BB Creams out there.
Stilla Lip Glosses:
I love the color payoff for these but they are a little too sticky for my taste. Great product but I will not be buying anymore.
Baby lips:
This was a let-down. Everyone raved about how fantastic they were. Yes, they are moisturizing for the first 5-10 minutes but after that they make my lips drier than they originally were. If I wear Chapstick, I want something that will actually keep my lips moisturized. Just my opinion.

What do you regret buying?

Stay Classy,